7 Essential Discord Plugins For Improving Moderation And Customization

Discord Plugins

June 24th, 2020   |   Updated on April 12th, 2023

We all know that discord is a communication tool that gamers prefer to enhance the quality of their gaming experience.

But, there would be times when Discord does not function and that is when you ought to look for a replacement. There are a few discord plugins that do the same job without any major difference.

In case you are managing a discord server you would need cool plugins that make the server look interesting. We compiled a list of some of them which are quick to be adapted and look good too.

1. WP Discord Post Plus

WP Discord Post Plus integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce (if installed) to send your new post and orders to discord channels. You can configure multiple channels separately for your blog posts or WooCommerce orders.

After you configure the Webhook URLs, all of your published posts will be sent to discord automatically. You can select a separate channel for each category. You will also be able to select a default channel for posts that don’t match any category. If your post has multiple categories, the post will only be sent to the first one.

The plugin offers a post metabox integration, where you can select whether you want to send a particular post to discord or not. It only works for newly published posts.

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2. WP Discord Post

WP Discord Post is a free plugin for WordPress that uses a Discord bot and Webhook URL to write in your desired channel in your Discord server whenever a new post is published on your blog.

You can configure it by going to Settings > WP Discord Post and filling in all the details. The fields are all required. Click on the links “Learn more” in the description of the fields to learn how to get the necessary data. WP Discord Post supports any post type, with a bit of custom code.

WP Discord Post is compatible with Contact Form 7, Jetpack Contact Form, and Gravity Forms sending the content of each form to your Discord before it is sent via email as well.

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3. OAuth 2.0 client for SSO

WordPress OAuth Client (WordPress OAuth 2.0 Client / Login) plugin allows login with your Eveonline, Clever, Slack, Discord, Custom OAuth server, Openid Connect provider. OAuth Client plugin works with any OAuth provider that conforms to the OAuth 2.0 standard which provides quick & easy configuration.

WordPress OAuth Login supports single sign-on / SSO with any 3rd party OAuth / OpenIDConnect server or custom OAuth / OpenIDConnect server like Amazon, Azure B2C, Office 365, Google, Facebook, etc.

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4. WC Discord invite

WC Discord invite is a free WooCommerce integration that sends an email to your customers when their order status changes according to the integartion settings. The email sent includes an invite to your Discord server.

You can configure it by going to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration > WC Discord Invite and filling in all the details. The fields are all required. Once that is done, configure the email settings in WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

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5. Discord Display

Discord Display

Provides a simple native widget for displaying your Discord server

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6. Discordian Date Function

This plugin allows WordPress to easily show customizable Erisian dates and time (decimal) instead of the standard Gregorian dates. No theme changes are required. The Discordian Date Function plugin provides a widget which will display the current date according to the Discordian calendar.

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7. Crush Counter DiscordApp

Gives integration with some DiscorApp Functionalities. “Crush Counter DiscordApp” is open source software.

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What Are Discord Plugins

Discord plugins are add-ons or extensions that can be installed on a Discord server or client to enhance its functionality or customize its appearance.

These plugins can perform a wide range of functions, such as improving moderation capabilities, adding new chat commands, providing additional security measures, or enabling custom emotes and sounds.

Some plugins are built specifically for Discord servers, while others are designed for use with Discord bots or other third-party applications.

Overall, plugins are a great way to customize and optimize your Discord experience to better suit your needs and preferences.

How Its Work

Discord plugins are built using code that interacts with the Discord API (Application Programming Interface). When a plugin is installed on a Discord server or client, it runs in the background and listens for specific events or triggers, such as when a user joins the server, sends a message, or reacts to a post.

When one of these events occurs, the plugin code is executed, and it performs its designated function, such as sending a welcome message to new users or responding to a particular chat command.

In order to work properly, Discord plugins typically require certain permissions or API keys to be granted.

These permissions may include access to message history, the ability to send messages or modify channels, or access to user data.

Plugin creators often provide instructions on how to set up and configure their plugins to work with the appropriate permissions and API keys. Overall, Discord plugins can be a powerful tool for customizing and improving the functionality of your Discord server or client.

Popular Discord Plugins

Plugin Name Description
Dyno A powerful moderation bot that can help automate tasks like kicking and banning users, filtering messages, and more.
MEE6 A versatile bot that can perform a range of functions, such as providing automated welcome messages, running timed events, and creating custom chat commands.
Tatsumaki A multi-purpose bot that includes features like leveling up, custom commands, server stats tracking, and more.
BetterDiscord A popular client mod that allows for extensive customization of the Discord interface, including custom themes, fonts, and emotes.
GAwesomeBot A fully customizable bot that can help with tasks like moderation, channel management, and automated message responses.
DiscordTip A plugin that enables users to send cryptocurrency tips to each other within Discord.
Vexera A music bot that can play songs from popular streaming services like Spotify and YouTube, as well as provide other features like trivia games and chat commands.