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Speed Limit Control

January 1st, 2018   |   Updated on April 15th, 2024

Fameelee app has made it a lot easier for people who are very busy with their schedules and has less time to know what their family is doing. Fameelee app connects your family and helps you keep in touch with your family members. Fameelee app is a great tool to locate your family and to know what they are doing.

There are many locator applications in the market with various features. Fameelee allows you many more advanced features that help you get more update about your family in real time. With the fameelee app you are always there to make your family safe and secure and who do not want to do that. It still feels good to know that your family members are safe.

Fameelee allows you to connect your family and friends and lets you keep track of them. It has a wide range of features making it a preferable application to use. Fameelee comes for both Android and IOS.

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How Fameelee works

It only needs you to install the application on your device, followed by quick signup process. As soon as you complete it, automatically, the process takes you to the interactive interface which is quite nice. Now when you are inside the Fameelee locator application all you need is to send invitation code to your family through what’s app, Facebook.

On the other hand, your family members need to accept the request. You get an option to create different groups which never coincide helping you keep you group data private and safe. As soon as others join the group, you get the location along with their battery life. That is how simple it is to use Fameelee.

Features that Fameelee Provides:

1. Real-Time Tracking

There are many locator applications which say to give you the accurate location but fails most of the time. Fameelee not only promises you but gives you the Accurate and Real-Time Location of your family and friends in your circle. Talking about their real-time location it helps you to track down where are your close ones. These would be more helpful in case of keeping an eye on childrens. Also, besides of tracking it allows you to access their 30-days of location history.


2. Private & Group Chats

With Fameelee you are given the option to have private, and group chats without coinciding each other’s data. Conversations let you keep in touch with your family members and friends whenever needed, and fameelee does it 24/7.


3. Emergency Alerts

Fameelee allows the feature of emergency alerts. Whenever your close ones need your help, they can ask it through the app, and fameelee notifies you with their real-time location. Further, you can approach to help them according to the situation.


4. Battery Efficiency

Most of the application of the same family needs data connectivity running in the background consumes a lot of a battery power. Fameelee is the only application which is developed and optimized for low battery use. With minimal battery consumption, it can run for long.


5. Places

Fameelee allows you to set location for notification. That means whenever your family members or friends from the circle enters or exits the area fameelee notifies you with alerts. E.g., school, college, university, office.


6. Speed Limit Control

Speed Limit Control

Often children do not understand why the traffic rules are made. They drive as per their wish, and most of the time they come across accidents for speed over the limit. Fameelee allows you to set threshold over speed so whenever anyone from the circle crosses that boundary, you are informed so that they remain safe.

Always get notifications if your child or other circle member exceeds the speed limit that you consider safe.

Fameelee allows complete awareness be helping you manage your family even if you have a busy schedule. If you opt to have a family locator app. Go to Fameelee because this app allows you a complete package to maintain your family and monitor them 24/7. You are always by their side even if you are working hard in your office. Let’s you control your kids from speed over the limit.

Fameelee Review

It does not matter if you are using an iPhone to use family locator to android family locator you will get full access to all essential tools and options. Fameelee allows you to save time instead of always texting. Alternatively, even you have no time, fameelee does it for you. You care for your family so does fameelee.

Fameelee Review 1

All it takes you to install family locator and create your circle of family members and friends to track their current actions, position and ensures they are safe and secure. At the same time, you will be the one to decide whether you want to share your location or not. Forget about fees and extra costs you need to cover for messengers. Fameelee provides easy-to-use free communication means.

Fameelee Review 2

Fameelee notifies you whenever any of the circle members leave your favorite spot. In other words, you will know if your kid is at the place where they should be or not. The family locator will automatically send alerts and notifications to get you in touch with any changes going on inside the circle.

Fameelee Review

Fameelee provides an ultimate family solution as well as safety. Connected with Your Love ones tool for those who are always in a hurry but still want take control over their busy schedule and take a right care of friends and relatives.

Fameelee introduces newly updated family locator with extended features and more benefits to appreciate! Now it will not be a routine anymore to keep an eye on your family. Also you can find my phone by Fameelee feature if your mobile phone is lost or stolen. So You care for your family, don’t you? Moreover, Fameelee helps you to manage it very well. The main aim of the fameelee family locator is not about spying or interfering with your kids’ personal life.

Main missions were to create a warm and safe family circle providing essential communicating features in addition to an extended list of new amazing features. With fameelee, you can efficiently manage your time in both works and look after your family making them safe and sound when they are out.