The App For Finding Love: My Hily Dating App Review

Hily Dating App

March 25th, 2018   |   Updated on April 23rd, 2024

The variety of dating apps sometimes strikes me as a lightning. You can find something for every taste and even pocket. The only thing is that you’ll probably have to look for it for a loooong time. I did that and I do not recommend anyone to repeat my experience.

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I have gone through that hell and then found Hily dating site review here and this one appeared to be definitely worth trying out! Especially, because it also has an app and is totally free. I tried it myself and decided to write my own Hily review after some pretty satisfying experience.

What is Hily dating app?

It is a dating site as well as a dating app that suggests it can help you find a long-term partner. And that was something that really stood out to me among the variety of sites alike. The main thing that I have been looking on a dating app was serious commitment.

I was tired of useless one-night stands in the clubs as well as annoying cheesy pick up lines from guys who definitely think too much of themselves. You meet and chat with those people and then nothing happens.

I was more into something serious so when I found an app that claims to concentrate on long term commitments, I decided to check out Hily and that would be a day I will always remember.


Swiping experience on Hily

Swiping experience on Hily

I started swiping and was surprised that the guys at Hily app were really cute. Moreover, while I was swiping, there were no empty profiles without pictures. At every single photo, I was able to see the face of a guy clearly. That helped me greatly to avoid men who are boasting with their muscles because they have nothing else to be proud of. That is good thinking from developers!

I matched with a couple of guys and started talking. Honestly, not all of them were much of a joy but at least no one sent me any offensive pics or messages. I suppose the users do get moderated on this Hily app. Or all the weird ones are left behind during the Hily sign up when they see that the app is for creating a love story.

Hily app

Personally, it helped to overcome the fear going out with strangers from the Internet because I have read the stories about online dating with some horrifying incidents. It says on the App Store that the profiles in here are handy-picked. I cannot check that but I received much less spam indeed. Even more, they guys were super active sending ice breakers! Some of them did not break that, I must admit.

Hily app works basically like many other dating apps: like – swipe right, unlike – swipe left, more info – tap. It also has an interesting thing going with Hily Hearts – a special in-app currency that allows you buy additional features like rollbacks, unblurs, chat requests, and boosts. I will tell all about that a bit later.


And what after you match?

what after you match

After about first twenty matches, I ended up talking to 4 guys during a couple of days. The app gives you an opportunity to text as well as send recorded video bubbles. As I am a bit of an old school, I didn’t use them but a friend of mine found this bubbles as a great way to see the behavior and the manners of the guy before meeting in person. Then one of them asked me out.

The first date went badly but I would not blame the app for that. We just didn’t bond, I didn’t feel the real connection. And how could I when a man took to a shooting ring? After I came back home, he texted me asking if I had a good time. I answered him frankly trying to avoid the drama. He understood and we never spoke again.

After such a poor experience, I bailed on app for a while. This “a while” lasted two days until I received a notification that my account was charged for using Hily Elixir after the trial period ended. Well, I can’t say that I am the most attentive and thoughtful person on the planet, so apparently, I just forgot to cancel this subscription. I had watched the “Yes Man” couple of days before that, so I decided it couldn’t hurt to try that Hily Elixir.

How does Hily Elixir work?

Hily Elixir thing gives you the ability to use the features that I have already talked before:

  • Rollbacks – to turn back the guy that you accidentally swiped left
  • Unblurs – when someone likes you and you want to see their profiles
  • Chat Requests – to write to someone who hasn’t liked you yet (or at all)
  • Boosts – to increase the visibility of your profile in the Finder

Two additions:

  • Stealth mode – when your profile is visible only to people who you liked
  • Disabling ads – no comment needed

It is quite interesting that the app claims to show you people taking into consideration your common interests. So some special algorithm lets you see not just everyone in your location but the guys you can really like. And you have to pay with your Hearts (or buy Hily Elixir) if you want more popularity. Well, money rules – pretty much like in real life 🙂

There were also a couple of amazing men of my dreams whom I sent chat requests (paying with Hily Hearts) but they actually have never replied me back. Shame on them! By the way, I did not purchase those Hearts but earned them by inviting friends to the app and watching short ad-videos.

Hily Dating Happy Ending

But that is not the story I want to tell you. The one I am going to would probably sound pretty much like a hardly believable fairytale but it is actually true. I was swiping through the Finder when I saw my Mr. Right. He looked fit and handsome, with a funny bio and a pretty decent job title. You know those super confident guys who post about their super success on the Instagram? He didn’t look like one of them. At all! These are my emotions talking and now I believe I was really overreacting. And you know what?

I SWIPED HIM LEFT. Accidentally, of course.

And here it was when my Hily Elixir gave me a hand so to say. Even without any Hearts, I was able to rollback, send him a chat request and… As for today, we’ve been dating for 2 months already. And it’s going very well because we both came to this Hily dating app to find a relationship instead of a sex for one night. Apparently, keeping Hily Elixir after Trial was not a mistake but a destiny.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • It’s free
  • Verified users and no fakes (at least from my experience)
  • Thanks to the matching algorithm, you can meet and chat with people who have more common interests with you
  • You can see if a person read your message without paying for that
  • You can text to people even if you haven’t matched
  • Thanks to Hily Hearts, there is an opportunity to use additional features without paying
  • You can see more information about a person than on an average dating app


  • Paid premium subscription is not really cheap
  • There are no stickers (yeah, I am that kind of person)
  • Too many notifications (so I had to leave only in-app ones)


To sum up

Hily app is more for daring than hook-ups. It has many free features that are paid in other apps. I couldn’t check if it works differently in different cities across the States, so that is something I have no opinion about.

It is clear this app review is more of a personal experience than an opinion of a professional. But still, Hily dating app helped me to find a person who now plays a huge role in my life and I hope that after Hily sign up you’ll be as lucky as I was. You can download it at