6 Reasons Why Every Company Should Hire Android App Developers

Hire Android App Developers

August 30th, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Smartphones are an essential part of our daily life. Statistically speaking, on average, every person spends 3.5 hours per day on their phone. Whatever you want to do on your smartphone, you need applications to perform your task. There are countless numbers of them for any purpose.

Some of them serve very basic, yet important roles, such as a calculator, while other apps offer incredible innovative services and features, like augmented reality programs or complex database utilities. But no matter the difficulty of the application, you need developers to create it.

Nowadays, there are 2 main mobile platforms – iOS and Android. The first is a more secure system that comes with Apple products, while the latter is a more popular, adaptable, and adjustable operating system. That’s why there are so many Android developers today. It’s just profitable, interesting, and useful.

Why Should Companies Hire Android App Developers

Why should a company ever consider hiring Android application developers? Read on to find out.

Outsourcing Opportunities

Firstly, let’s explain that there’s no need to create a dedicated department or a large team just to fit developers inside the company.

Professional android application services exist, and they offer outsourcing services. What it means, is basically they’re ready to take on any software development task customers present them with.

You don’t have to search for candidates and group them into teams with managers. Just contact the Android development services, provide them with requirements, and they will do the rest.

That includes all the monitoring and internal management, along with quality and performance control.

Also, outsourcing can be many times cheaper than the traditional work model. And due to the proficiency of the specialists, the work can be done in much shorter terms.

All these advantages make outsourcing a perfect solution for any of your programming needs. One can hire as many workers from android developers services as they need, when they need, and for whatever they need.

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Innovative Products And Services

To stay competitive in the market, a company needs to be as tech-savvy and modern as possible. This includes having at least a website and social media pages. But a better option is to always develop a dedicated mobile program.

This allows businesses to implement innovative technologies into their services and attract new customers. Some unique offers may even become possible only after the mobile app is created.

Enhances Workflow

In large enterprises, keeping the performance and the comfort of the workers is just as important as selling the products.

That’s because if the employees are satisfied with their positions, workplaces, and the environment, they are more likely to work more efficiently and with better quality.

Bringing an Android developer into your company allows for improving the environment. A dedicated application for internal use provides endless opportunities to its users.

For example, it can be an app for easier communication, which allows different departments and their leads to have conferences in real-time from any location.

But that’s only a single common example. Think of all the opportunities. Some processes can be automated by smartphone programs, monitoring software can save a lot of time for managers, and educational libraries or even games can improve the quality of the products/services by constantly reminding workers about all the intricate details of their job.

Expert Knowledge

Hire Android App Developer

For some companies, having an Android programmer can become an essential part. For example, if you own a mobile repairing service.

Usually, you only work with hardware and then send (or give access virtually) broken systems to Android development services that fix them.

Or, let’s say that your company is an official distributor of a particular phone model in the country, and you need to implement some fixes and changes into the systems.

The number of such examples can be endless. But all of them show that hiring devs for mobile platforms isn’t exclusive only to dedicated services that specialize in this field.

Android developers have experience and professional knowledge, which can be applied in many other ways, not only creating apps.

For example, they could fix systems, implement new features into existing ones, adjust the software to suit particular needs, or simply be expert advisors.

Remember, it’s their profession to keep an eye on all the modern tech and innovations in the mobile sector. They know all the little details, upcoming products, and changes, such as:

  • New platforms and their specifics
  • OS updates and the changes they bring
  • Software updates
  • Programming language changes and updates
  • Security protocols
  • Innovative applications that create new markets
  • And many other things!

Common users can’t reach that level of expertise, as it requires years of education and practical experience.

Management Opportunities

Speaking of the positions that can be occupied by Android programmers, team lead and management roles are very good examples that should be reviewed separately. The IT sector is huge today, and there are dozens of millions of businesses in it.

To make sure that the teams work as intended and follow the plan, a manager or a supervisor is always needed. And even if the employees themselves don’t always need to have top-level proficiency and expertise in the development, their manager does.

To operate a team of designers, testers, debuggers, and coders, a professional Android developer is needed. It simply allows having a normal, stable workflow that allows employees to work comfortably and even receive knowledge.

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Improved Customer Relationship

If you’re a business owner, then you probably know what CRM is. It stands for Customer Relationship Management and allows companies to implement particular features and systems that enhance customer experience.

To make the most out of CRM systems you need specialists who know how to work with mobile operating systems.

These are mobile developers, of course. Their knowledge can be used to create new opportunities for both customers and employees of the company.

Let’s take a 4-star hotel as an example. They already have a CRM that allows the receptionists to check the availability of particular rooms at any time.

However, the system is limited to only particular computers in the building, due to the limitations of the network and security reasons.

How does one improve such a system? Well, the answer is pretty simple – develop a mobile application.

You can create a single program with 2 different versions – for internal use and for customers. The first one will allow employees to check up on anything they need from anywhere, even on their way to work.

This will decrease the levels of potential issues and misunderstandings inside the company and will provide workers with a much more convenient way to do their job.

It can include as many features and monitoring opportunities as you need while maintaining top-level security.

The customer version will allow users to view all the available rooms and choose the one they need. No need to look at them in person or visit a clunky desktop-oriented website anymore. Just download the app and use it to its fullest.

Summing Up

In short, hiring an Android developer provides a company with an endless amount of opportunities. Creating, fixing, adjusting, updating, and implementing software will never be a problem.

And don’t forget that their knowledge can be used in many other ways too, especially if your business needs constant technical advice on the current state of the mobile platforms.