How E-commerce Images Impact Sales

E-commerce Images

May 29th, 2021   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Do you know how many people buy online? More than 2 billion worldwide! The amount of potential buyers is huge, but they are rather hard to convince. Whatever industry you are in, you need to find creative ways to stand out from competition.

There is one strategy that has a tremendous impact on shoppers’ behavior: product photography. Excellent product pictures are essential in enhancing purchase decisions. After all, 78% of online shoppers search for photos to bring products to life.

So, how exactly you can use images to boost your business? First, find an adequate service for product photography in Chicago. Then, consider the following tips to make your online shoppers push the ‘purchase’ button.

High-Quality Images Raise Conversions

90% of online shoppers assert that a quality photo is the most important factor in online retail. Use a full-size image and display a range of clickable thumbnails that demonstrate enlarged images. This is the way to create the most comprehensive impression of the units you are selling.

Alternate and Detailed Views Help Overcome the Touch-and-Feel Barrier

Unlike in brick-and-mortar stores, on e-commerce websites buyers cannot touch or feel an item. However, you can create a thoughtful and detailed product presentation online that would substitute the touch-and-feel experience.

Display multiple views of the item taken at different angles. You can also demonstrate action shots – photos of the product in use. Besides, try to create an atmosphere that shows character and carries your brand.

Providing Relevant Context Helps Customers Feel Like They are Already Possessing the Product

No product lives in a vacuum. Unless you are selling a spacecraft. Let your customer imagine using the product by adding a specific context to the image. If you are selling sofas, show them in fully designed rooms.

You can even encourage your customers to share their own photos after they have made a purchase.

Allow Customers to Zoom in for a Closer Look

If your item has sophisticated and ornate details, an ability to zoom in can excellently demonstrate its features. Textured leather, faceted gems, or complex tools can be better examined by shoppers with a zoom-in option. Consequentially, they will observe the unit’s benefits as close as possible.

Try 360° Rotating Images to Make the Product Experience More Real

Displaying the product at different angles in the standard two-dimensional pictures is definitely good. However, if you go further and add a 360° spin to the image, you can enhance your conversions.

Thus, various online retailers claim they managed to increase their conversion rates by 10%-40% thanks to rotating images.

Add Product Images to Site Search

When you are typing some text in the e-commerce website search window, you usually see an automated drop-down menu with the relevant search results.

By adding pictures to this menu, online retailers can elevate their conversion rates among searchers by up to 100%! Worth trying, isn’t it?

Wrapping up

A picture is worth a thousand words. Apart from describing your item in detail, add high-quality, appealing images that would remove any doubts a customer may have. Select a competent product photography studio and enhance the shopping experience of your clients.