Answer These 5 Questions Before You Get Started With Influence Marketing In 2022

Influence Marketing

January 19th, 2021   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

There are many reasons why influencer marketing is your favorite marketing channel in 2021. Influencers have proven their power in helping brands grow.

There are various influencer sites and social media platforms, which means that influencer marketing can be leveraged by all types of brands with all types of budgets. From product sampling to affiliate campaigns, there’s a campaign for everyone.

5 questions to answer before your first impact marketing campaign

1. What Are The Goals And Objectives Of The Campaign?

It may seem obvious. But it’s a good idea to be clear about the results you want to achieve. Your goals will determine the nature of your campaign of influence, so this is a major decision to deal with.

Want to promote a particular product in a seasonal Valentine’s Day campaign? Want to launch a new product? Do you improve sales by 50%? You and your influencer will need to understand your goals to get results fully.

2. Which Channel Will Reach My Audience?


There is a wide range of social media platforms and content formats to choose from, depending on your brand niche and target customers.

Food, beauty, and fashion brands are best suited for Instagram campaigns, while technology brands are best on YouTube or even Twitch.

Think about your target audience’s age group, gender, and interests to determine which channel to use for your campaigns. You can choose just one or try several channels and formats.

3. Which Influencer Is Best For My Audience?

Before you begin selecting influencers, you should have an idea of the typical profile you are looking for.

Are they mini influencers or mega stars? Where do I live, and what other brands have they worked with? You may want to attract a specific field in the industry.

As a food brand, the influencer could be an organic chef, travel blogger, or vegan. Think about the personalities that best align with your brand’s messages and values so that partnerships are based on true affinity.

4. What Is My Brief?


It’s time to start thinking about the details! There will be essential information to share with influencers before launching your campaign.

Start writing a briefing to introduce your brand. It describes your campaign’s target and target audience and determines the content format.

Campaign hashtags and everything to do and do. Having all the most important information in one place means that you are at hand when communicating and negotiating with influencers.

5. What Budget Or Compensation Will I Offer?

There are several payment options for influencers. Some may be open for product sampling and participate in the free product review.

Most expect some form of financial reward, so decide if you want to offer a fixed price or revenue-sharing solution. Sales revenue generated by influencers is split between the brand and the creator.

Basics for an Influencer Marketing Campaign Now that you’ve answered the above questions let’s focus on the most important steps in any campaign.

A. Identifying The Influencer

What Is A Social Media Influencer

The first step is to choose the influencers you want to work with. The most effective way to do this is by using a marketing program for influencers such as Upfluence.

When you use advanced search criteria to scan a database of influencer profiles, you have quality and quantity on your list of influencers!

B. Scope And Conciseness

Once you have a list of potential influencers, you will want to contact them as soon as possible. Don’t forget to present your brand and share what interests you in collaboration.

Don’t forget to highlight how beneficial your collaboration will be for their followers. Need help writing a letter? Learn 10 simple steps to write a high-performance letter.

C. Negotiate A Contract

You want to define the agreement’s details before you can think about the creative side of the campaign.

Make sure both parties know your expectations, compensation, and schedule. If you have any concerns, negotiate. We have some negotiation tips to help you with this.

D. Content Creation And Revision

Creating A Content

The next is the creative part! Ensure your influencers have all the free information and products they need to create their posts.

For added security, platforms like Upfluence allow you to review and review content in an easy-to-use dashboard to avoid problems in your campaign.

E. The Campaign Is Ongoing

Relax and let the influencers do their job! Think about developing your influencer content by reshaping it from your brand’s social media accounts.

F. Track Results And Performance

Ensure you collect all of the influencer’s content and measure interactions and conversions on their content.

Influencer marketing software allows you to compare an entire group of influencers’ results to identify the best influencers and the improvements you want to make next time.

Influencer Push

Reward influencers for their work and share feedback. Keep in mind the partnerships you want to maintain for a long-term collaboration.

It’s always a good idea to start planning your next influence campaign as soon as possible. Check out our example campaign timeline to get an idea of how to organize your time.