How To Grow Your Business

How To Grow Your Business

Published on November 28th, 2022

Establishing a growth business is not child’s play, and neither is it rocket science. With well-thought-out strategies, it is achievable. Hello, Pareto offers those strategies holistically. This article will offer insights to a start-up business owner on how to start on the right note.

The Solutions To Grow Your Business

Many start-ups collapse before they even start. Why? They collapse because they start on the wrong note, with unqualified staff, poor to zero lead generation, pitiable strategies on sourcing for funding, poor marketing strategies, and focusing on all the wrong things. So to help you to grow your business use the Hello Pareto solutions.

1. Lead Generation

Business to Business (B2B) lead generation is where businesses identify their ideal customers for their products or services and then implement strategies to attract them to purchase them.

This process requires that it be done continuously to expand the customer base. They specialize in collecting vital information about potential customers, getting a custom list of premeditated B2B leads, and qualifying them based on your target customer profile.

This solution will help find potential customers on any platform, from LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Google.

They operate with software that will screen for valid work emails, phone numbers, addresses, and social media handles for every point of contact, as well as ensure the business receives fresh leads on a weekly basis to fill its B2B sales pipeline.

2. Market Research

What market research does is it enables these businesses:

  • Keep afloat given the dynamic state of market trends
  • Establish the viability of the product or service the organization offers
  • Having insight into the existing and potential customers, therefore, makes better strategies for generating leads.

You can collect data on product offerings, key features, pricing, social media activity, the press, and even what your competitors are up to. They ensure that you stay up to date each week.

3. Influencer Marketing

Recent statistics show that consumers trust influencer recommendations more than brand-produced content.

Businesses that have invested in influencer branding have seen growth margins of up to 75% higher compared to when they relied on the brand’s content.

Getting an influencer that meets the organization’s needs is quite a challenge, especially for start-ups.

Hello Pareto takes time to find influencers across Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms and vet the creators for audience authenticity, brand alignment, sensitive content, and other custom criteria.

They go a step further and screen for engagement, followers, and audience location. They ensure that the organization receives weekly fresh leads to fill their influencer marketing pipeline.

4. Recruiting

Recruiting is a whole sport for start-ups; therefore, Pareto virtual assistant services go a long way. They are keen to find top candidates across platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, and AngelList.

Their recruiting experts’ screen resumes for skills, years of work experience, and other relevant information such as the candidate’s valid emails, LinkedIn profiles, and other social media handles. The organization will receive a new list of candidates every week to boost the recruiting process.

5. Fundraising

Getting funding or genuinely interested investor for start-ups is a hellish experience. Hello Pareto makes it bearable and yielding.

They find investors on LinkedIn, AngelList, and Crunchbase, surveil for investment history, domain expertise, and size, compile founder reviews, conflicts of interest, mutual connections, and other insights to help the organization connect with investors, and finally get valid investor contact information.

A start-up can do just as well, and the founders do not have to do all the work. Experience the growth of your business with Hello Pareto Solutions.

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