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How To Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything

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September 12th, 2019   |   Updated on July 31st, 2020

It’s the one thing many people want to figure out. How to make money without straining the pocket or having any dime to put on the table. This goes for those who have tons of ideas on many businesses but lack the capital or sufficient investment to make things work.

However, nothing good comes easy and since there’s no investment to put on the table, you’d need hard work, dedication, and consistency.

There are avenues to make money online including freelancing, virtual assistance, and social media marketing.

But they often come with their problems, especially with desperate people and websites keen on taking advantage of personal information provided by Internet users who know little or nothing about cybersecurity.

Here’s How You Can Make Money Online Without Investment.

1. Blogging

Blogging - Guest Blogs

Blogging is a great opportunity to make money online. But you have to separate the facts from reality. You’re not going to start hitting the bank every other day because you are involved in it. It takes time to get paid and often involves taking advantage of traffic via your blog post to direct sales to new products and services or to even advertise.

This way, you get a commission. To begin, make a decision on what you want your blog to be about and the topics you’ll be treating. For example, you can begin an assignment writing service or provide answers to everyday questions people find interesting and attractive. Again, you should choose a niche and learn a great deal about keyword placement.

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2. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants go over a lot of tasks and help those that hire them to remain consistent in their business by keeping to schedules. Also, many businesses need professionals who know a lot about their industry and can handle different tasks including social media platforms, researching, ghostwriting, graphic design, administrative duties, data entry and a whole lot more.

It could be as easy as offering assistance on writing services such as 123helpme or explaining the positives of a business to potential customers. It’s a nice way to put your skills out there and make money without investing.

3. Transcription Services

Best Virtual Assistant Software Tools

There are tons of audio contents online and so many files that companies want to have transcribed. All you have to do is listen to these files and transcribe them to meaningful sentences. But there’s a catch; you have to know a fair bit of grammar and have adequate typing skill and speed.

Many companies pay more than $6 to $25 dollars an hour for transcribed contents. It’s a job you can do from the comfort of your home with your PC, Internet connection and no start-up cash. You can take a course online to help you better understand how it works or read about it from several paper writing services.

4. Freelance Writing

If you’re one of the many people who love the art of writing or just penning down words on different topics, then freelance writing might just be for you.

You can put your skills to great use and still earn from it without so much of an investment! Writing is not a static art. This means you have the opportunity to learn, grow and become better.

More so, there are many platforms that don’t require any payment where you can sign up for free and with time, start making money online. Depending on how good you are or get, you can command good fees for articles, e-books, reviews and more.

By now, you would have heard of platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and many others where you can sell your writing skills and earn a lot of money without investing.

5. Taking Surveys

Factors Associated With Taking Online Interviews And Selecting The Best

Companies need to know exactly how they’re doing and seek out different ways to improve their services. Thankfully, you can be part of that without spending a dime to make money. In fact, many platforms exist for this purpose.

There’s nothing quite like ticking a few boxes, answering easy questions and getting paid for it. It’s the least bit stressful in comparison to researching on a law essay.

Further, there’s no cap on how much you can make or the number of survey sites you can join. One tip you should take seriously though is using a distinct email address for the survey sites you work on because you’ll receive so many survey emails per day. It’s a cool way to earn without investing.

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6. YouTube

Chances are you’ve come across many videos on YouTube and thought to yourself how interesting, educative or entertaining they were. Also, you must have noticed the number of views on the videos you watched, the number of subscribers and more importantly, the ads that keep popping up! Well, that’s money right there.

Many YouTubers have made millions of dollars from being on YouTube and no doubt you’ve wondered how you can get in on the game but feel limited by funds. According to aussiessay, you can get in on the act with 4000 watched hours within 12 months on your YouTube channel coupled with at least 1000 subscribers.

Furthermore, you can turn your YouTube channel into a goldmine with affiliate marketing, set up tutorials to provide valuable information with ‘how-to’ videos (DIY), and using your other talents to help you earn.

7. Proofreading


Sometimes you go through some contents and can’t help but notice more than a few errors even without trying. You should put that skill to be great use by making money online when you sign up to proofread contents. In this digital age, there’s need to get things correctly because a single letter or word could make a big difference.

With your grammar skills, you could help a wide range of businesses and people including bloggers, companies, and freelancers ensure their contents are error-free. You can learn about all that proofreading entails so that you’d be more effective in carrying out tasks and earning money even from the comfort of your home.

8. Graphic Designing

If you have the talent to make things look surreal, beautiful and catchy, then the world of graphic design is for you. Unlike other ways to make money online explored here, you do need certain tools to help you get going with graphic designing.

A laptop or any other personal computer will come in handy alongside installation and licenses for digital tools such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. As a skill-based job, graphic designing takes a lot of creative juices but it’s certainly rewarding.


The world has undergone a lot of transformation and now you can make money online without so much fuss.

Whether you’re unemployed or just looking to do something on the side, you can earn a healthy income. But you have to be careful not to fall into the trap of online scams and fraudulent tasks. Not every business needs an investment before you can make money.