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Do You Want To Make Money Online? Make The First Step With These Simple Methods

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November 21st, 2018   |   Updated on June 16th, 2021

Everyone wants financial freedom, but very few eventually end up financially free online.

It takes, patience, persistence, multiple trials and errors to make a real breakthrough when money begins to flow in your kitty like clockwork.

If the online world of money making opportunity is full of challenges, then the best part about it is that it rewards the persistently hard workers irrespective of class, color, and gender biases.

Making Money Online

You may have found mails in your mailbox promising you fortunes from a Nigerian prince or a baroness from Europe with no one to inherit her huge fortunes or a rambling internet marketer promising you would break a bank overnight using their software or a company promising you can make a real fortune stuffing envelopes.

These stories are a passé. No one believes them anymore. Those unfortunate ones among us who got scammed will need to take some courage to believe that there are some real online opportunities that consistently pay you for your work.

Do You Want To Make Money Online?

Nonetheless, making money online is not as simple and as funny as these tricksters may like you to believe.

It is a plain commonsense that clicking ads or sending hundreds of emails or typing a few lines of instructed words will not make you a millionaire overnight. If it were that simple everyone would be doing it.

What it really takes then to make a substantial amount of money is not the purchase of some silly system that pumps money day in and day out.

There is a law of work, absolute and proven since time immemorial that you get rewarded in proportion to the value you create. This law is pretty much applicable anywhere, including the virtual world of internet.

Much of the crazy incredible ideas on making money may have their source in misinformation. The misinformation leads to the compelling obsession with a system that lets them make money unabated even when they sleep or are idling.

Similarly, there is a huge amount of misinformation on reaching out to a large number of people and convert them into loyal readers, clients and customers. Therefore, you just can come out with a blog publish it and expect it to rank high on google.

If you can deliver something of a real value to people that might benefit them, then you can expect your product or service to gain traction with the people.

Any system that promises you quick results like overnight millionaire on an auto pilot, you need to investigate the system thoroughly.

What Is The Proven Online Money Making System Then?

Making money online isn’t as difficult as most make it out to seem. But, it does require some discipline. Without discipline, you’ll find it tough to make a buck both online or offline.

Online Money Making System - Making Money Online

If your goal is to make money online, there are , often well known and proven ways.

Some will provide you with immediate results, helping you to address your basic monthly necessities, while others have the potential to transform your life by revolutionizing your finances in the long term.

Perhaps we as a society and culture are victims of our follies. We run after instant gratification.

If there is something that we want, then we go all out to want it without giving a thought to its harmful impacts, whether it’s fast-food or gambling, or weed, or a fancy gadget. Since our culture has molded our behavior.

However, the successful ones are successful because they strive and break the habits, the addiction, the craving and the urge to instant gratification.

When we are thinking of success whether in the online or in the offline world, we need to break the old patterns and habits that have not been paying us or benefiting us in any other way.

When we are serious about making money whether in the online or in the offline domain, our time frame should not be hours or days or even weeks, it should be months and years.

This has to be an ongoing journey in which the outcome will be reflected in a gradually upwards curve, while the journey itself will be going to be grueling, arduous and full of pitfalls testing your level of persistence.

The journey through this road map is one where the most daring ones may easily quit after a few disappointments.

We do not intend to discourage or disappoint you with red flags every step of the journey but merely to instruct you on the likely dangers that will soon vanish in the thin air under the fire of your courage, passion, and indefatigable attitude.

Selling gadgets on eBay will not make you rich, nor will the performance of odd jobs here and there but a system that runs on autopilot like the property whose annual value keeps increasing year after year may perhaps make you rich.

The secret to any money making venture is passive income. Let us understand the difference between the passive and the active income.


Passive And Active Income

For those who are not yet aware of passive income, it needs a little explanation. Passive income is the income that is generated effortlessly like on an autopilot.

However, the passive income may appear lucrative and appealing for the ease with which it flows like a perennial river, but please understand that enormous effort had gone into building this system.

It didn’t come easy. It was not built overnight.

Passive And Active Income -Making Money Online

Active income, on the other hand is the income that comes instantly after you make an effort. It requires your time and you make an active income in proportion to the time you spent working for it.

This form of income is limited by time. Everyone has the same 24 hours within which they earn by apportioning a part of this 24 hours.

Some of the professionals with higher fees or higher hourly wage may earn more, while others may earn comparatively less.

Active income comes from active work per hour that can stretch in theory to 24 hours in day, but if for some reason such as illness or looking after your ailing close family member, you are not able to work, you do not get paid.

Most of the people are earning active income. Most of the wage earners or fee earners cannot expect to get rich by virtue of active income.

However, it is possible to build a stream of passive income saving a part of the active income month after month over years.

 Making Money Online - after month for unspecified time.

If you envision getting rich working online, you will need to build a passive source of income, so that you save enough time to build more passive income streams making you earn on an auto-pilot.

However, it sounds as an excellent proposal in theory but in practice it turns out to be an enormously uphill task.

The strategy of working simultaneously on building passive income sources along with working on active income is an excellent strategy to build multiple passive channels that can be enormously rewarding.

Here are some passive income sources to learn about:

  • Rentals from Property: It is not easy to buy a property unless you have saved substantial amount of capital but it is nonetheless an excellent source of passive income. It pays you month after month for unspecified time.
  • Stocks and Dividends: Dividends pay you continually on a regular basis, hence they are an excellent source of passive income. However, you need substantial amounts of shares to get an income that appears substantial.
  • Google Adsense, Blogs, YouTube: There may not be enough capital required to build blogs and YouTube videos but it takes substantial amount of time and skill and wait time or age so that these channels begins to pay substantially.
  • Online Books: It is easier to write and sell digital books through Kindle and ACX online than build regularly paying authority sites or blogs. However, it requires a lot of writing and researching skills along with marketing skills to promote your work.
  • Email Marketing for Your Product/Service: Before you can think of making money with email marketing, you need to establish your expertise that people are willing to purchase. When people mail in to your signing list, you begin to make money.
  • Online Courses: If you can create an online course in demand, you may expect to earn income from the same course day after day. However, you will need to be really excellent in both the quality of the course and in marketing your course to begin earning from it because the online market place offers stiff competition.


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