How To Use X For Audio And Video Calls

How To Use X For Audio And Video Calls

Published on October 26th, 2023

X, formerly recognized as Twitter, has discreetly introduced the highly anticipated feature of audio and video calls for its users.

Although an official announcement is still pending, this development follows a mysterious hint from X’s proprietor, Elon Musk, who cryptically posed the question, “ready for it…?” shortly after the notification began surfacing.

Certain users have received notifications within the X platform, announcing the arrival of this new feature, proclaiming, “Audio and video calls are now available!”

Furthermore, the app’s settings now include a new option labeled “Enable audio and video calling,” empowering users to personalize their preferences.

This feature grants users the authority to determine who can initiate audio and video calls with them, offering choices such as contacts in their address book, those they follow, verified users, or a combination of these criteria.

To commence a call, users can simply open a direct message (DM) with another user, locate the phone icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and select between audio or video call options.

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Elon Musk has confirmed that this functionality will be accessible on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC, without necessitating a phone number.

The current availability of this feature is limited to a select few, leaving it uncertain whether it will be exclusive to premium users or accessible to all.

X has previously bundled many valuable features within its premium subscription, so there is a likelihood that this feature will also be reserved for paying subscribers.

Elon Musk has also recently disclosed plans to institute an annual fee for platform access.

X has already commenced implementing this approach in certain regions, with users in New Zealand and the Philippines being charged $1 per year.

The company has stated that this measure is aimed at combating bots and spammers on X, while maintaining accessibility by keeping the fee minimal.

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How To Activate Audio And Video Calls

According to a screenshot posted on the website, the microblogging platform offers users the ability to activate audio and video calling through a toggle switch in the platform’s settings.

Furthermore, users have the flexibility to specify who can initiate calls to them, with options including contacts from their address book, individuals they follow, verified accounts, or a combination of all three.

How to enable audio and video calls

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How To Start Audio And Video Calls

To enable this feature, begin by updating the application. Afterward, navigate to Settings > Privacy & Safety > Direct Messages > Enable Audio & Video Calling. Once this is done, open a direct message (DM) with a recipient, and you’ll spot the phone icon located in the upper-right corner.