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50 Inspirational Quotes To Keep You Moving Every Day

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November 19th, 2019   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

1. Learn The Art Of Forgetting And Forgiving Else You Will Be Causing Tears To People Who Never Meant It


2. Don’t Accept Negative Points From Someone From Whom You Cannot Take Positives


3. There Is A Huge Difference Between “Can” And “Should”. Also, What’s Comfortable Need Not Be Good At The Same Time.


4. Never Play Chess With A Pigeon Who Just Dirties Everything And Then Walks Around Like He Is The Winner.


5. Every Expert Was A Beginner Once.


6. Never Compete Against Others, Your Real Competition Is With Yourself.


7. You Should Have Planted A Tree Thirty Years Ago But Anyways Don’t Miss The Opportunity Of Planting The Same Today.


8. Practice Till The Point You Can’t Get It Wrong Rather Than Getting It Right Always.


9. Use Your Time To Plan Wisely. Wars Are Mostly Won Inside The Tent Only.


10. Take Decisions With Both Your Heart And Brain.

11. People Spend Their Life Worrying About What Others Think, But There Is A Time When They Will Realize That Others Don’t Think About Themselves At All.


12. Don’t Tolerate Everything. This Is Actually The Lesson Of How Should People Treat You.


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13. Crisis Situations Actually Reveal Your Character And Never Built It.


14. If You Think You Are The Smartest Person In The Room, Then You Need To Immediately Change The Room.


15. You Are Regularly Being Watched And Evaluated By Your Future Self Through Memories.


17. Three Side To Every Story – Your Side, My Side And The Truth.

18. People Surrounding You Will Tell The Maximum About Yourself.


19. Worrying Is Like A Debt Which You Can Never Pay Back.


20. People Normally Like Social People.


21. World Will Change By Your Examples Rather Than By Your Opinions.


22. Hate Is Like You Are Consuming Poison Hoping The Other Person Dies


23. Learning From Mistakes Is One Of The Best Ways Of Learning But Make Sure That They Are Not Your Own.


24. Don’t Waste Your Time Watering Other’s Gardens, Their Grass Will Look Much Greener As Compared To Yours.


25. Closely Listen How People Talk About Others In Your Absence, They Will Similarly Talk About Yourself In Your Absence.


26. You Should Mind Only What Matters. What Doesn’t Matter Should Even Mind.


27. Never Do Free Services Especially What You Are Best At.


28. Always Leave With A Wish Of Staying Longer The Next Time.


29. Why Do You Judge Yourselves By Intentions And Others By Their Actions.


30. Measure Twice Before Cutting Once


31. Judge A Man’s Size By The Size Of Things That Make Him Mad.


32. Try Fooling Someone Rather Than Convincing Them That They Are Fooled.


33. Move Forward With Hope, Rather Than Looking Back With Regret.


34. Live Once And Do It Right. It’s More Than Enough.

35. Make Your Obstacle Your Way Of Functioning.


36. Love With Heart And Use Your Head Everywhere Else.


37. Don’t Force The Relationships, If You Do Then They Are Not Worth It.


38. Look For Your Own Happiness Or Satisfaction. If You Look For The Same In Others Then It Will Lead To Frustration Only.


39. The Only Time When You Should Look At Other Person’s Bowl Is At The Time Of Feeding Only.


40. People Withdraw From Management Rather Than From Companies.


41. Let People Figure Out They Are An Asshole Rather Than Telling Them.



42. Lack Of Attention Doesn’t Qualify For Lack Of Knowledge.


43. Wisdom Is Only When You Know Nothing.


44. Getting Old Is Beating All The Other Alternatives.


45. If It Is Always Smelling Around You, Then May Be Check Yourself.


46. Raise Your Kids So That You Can Spoil Your Grandchildren, But If You Spoil Your Kids Then You Would Have To Raise Your Grandchildren.



47. Learn To Forgive. But Never Ever Pay For A Late Pizza Delivery.


48. Avoid Illegal Shit At Any Cost.


49. Always Remember The Silence Of Our Friends Rather Than The Words Of Our Enemies.


50. Wrestling With A Pig Will Make You Dirty And The Pig Happy.