IOTransfer 2: Your One Stop for all iOS Device Manager

IOTransfer 2

Published on May 28th, 2018

Deleting unwanted data or clearing cache on iPhone can be quite stressful and not just that but the overall syncing and transferring stuff is comparatively more difficult than a simple Android device.

Transferring photos and videos from your PC or iPhone to your iPad or vice versa is a time-consuming process which is why people usually prefer third-party applications that can achieve the task without a lot of hassle.

Now with the app market being so vast, there are always different qualities of applications offering contrasting functions in different ways and when it comes to devices, considering the security issues you need to find the best in the market out there.

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Now when it comes to applications there are many out there that require money and honestly in this era of modernization where your information is always at stake splurging those extra bucks can make all the difference.

IOTransfer released an updated version of their software and we are on board with the things that their software offers.

IOTransfer 2

IOTransfer 2 is one of the third-party iPhone transfer softwares that play a role in syncing your iPhone or iPad with your PC for better transferring or removal of files. It supports iOS 8.3 or later along with iPad, iPhone and iPod. IOTransfer 2 works in Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7.

The software is very user-friendly and is quite easy to use since everything is self-explanatory. It acts as a manager for your device performing file transfers, manage and delete photos, music, videos, contacts, eBooks and so much more.

The new version is equipped with a variety of new powerful features. The updated version supports addition and editing of contacts along with iOS 11’s HEIC image format. The clean tools scan the iOS device and frees up more space.

That is not it when it comes to its functions, IOTransfer 2 also made downloading online videos directly to your device possible and it works very smoothly. The built-in online video downloader supports a huge number of formats and supports downloading videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and hundreds of other websites for you to choose from.

IOTransfer 2_1

The main attraction or the main function that had us sold is the one-click backup and editing of your files. The recent version also enables you to convert your iPhone or iPad’s HEIC image format to JPG for it to be accessible for your computer.

In the previous version, occasional failure was being experienced while downloading videos from certain sites so such problems were taken care of in the current version. There was also an occasional interruption experienced while trying to load camera roll photos which has also been taken care of in the updated version.

The photo thumbnail preview has been optimized and improved to display the photos in the correct direction and image size. Not just that but the recent version comes with optimized home to display your iPod or iPhone’s battery usage in real time. Since the software is meant to be used worldwide, addition of German and Japanese have been done it is not a lot, but it is a decent enough.

All in all, the feature that removes the junk files and free up more storage is the most useful thing since you cannot exactly access your file manager through your device and it clogs up the memory with unnecessary files.

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This software can be your one stop for all device manager. The software offers decent enough security and if you are an avid iPhone or iPad user then this software is for you then go ahead and get the lifetime deal which costs around $29.95 and it supports up to 3 PCs.

In our opinion, this is one of the best iOS managers out there and it is worth the couple extra bucks.