iTunes Library And Alternatives For It

Published on May 23rd, 2018

One of the main reasons for users’ refusal from Apple’s products is the need to use the iTunes app. The person who first faces iOS is simply refusing to believe that copying music or movies on iPhone, iPod, or iPad without the participation of a regular media player is not possible.

If at the disposal of the user there are several iOS devices, and in the house only one “family computer” – the confusion with synchronization seems inevitable.

To solve the problem with tastes and preferences when using iTunes will help the creation of separate user libraries. Read how to create your own library

Each iTunes library will be stored in its folder: “Music of the Son”, “Wives iPod”, “My iPhone” – under any convenient name.

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Create a new library.

  • Make sure iTunes is not running. You can exit the media player completely by pressing the Command + Q key combination.
  • Launch iTunes with the Alt key pressed (hold Shift on Windows). Do not release the key until a dialog box appears.
  • If synchronization with iTunes was performed at least once, the default library will be stored in the /Music/ iTunes/directory. In the open dialog box, select Create a Media Library.
  • Select the directory to save and give the library a name. It is recommended to use a convenient name in the format “Device name – Owner”, but decision is for you.
  • After creating the library, iTunes will open in “original form” – without playlists, songs, podcasts, and movies. Now you can safely start downloading your favorite tracks and albums.

Important: when synchronizing with the new library for the first time, be prepared for a possible loss of all music on the device. In the future, when opening iTunes it is enough to select the library required for a specific iOS device.


It’s time to refill the playlist on your iPhone or iPod with new albums, compositions or movies. Open the previously created library and edit the track list.

  1. Make sure iTunes is not running.
  2. Launch iTunes with the Alt key pressed (hold Shift on Windows). Do not release the key until the dialog box appears:
  3. Choose a library.
  4. Open a folder with the library created earlier.

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The device library has been successfully accessed.

When synchronizing, once again, make sure that the connected iPhone or iPod matches your iTunes library. Otherwise, there is a risk of erasing all music and movies from the device.

If you still do not dare to delve into the essence of iTunes and look for an alternative to this program, then below is a list of some of them.

1. Tenorshare iCareFone is a one-click program that helps to fix all problems, including iTunes, of course. With 6 small sets of tools, this software perfectly copes with the problems of iTunes/iPhone/iPad/iPod. This allows you to transfer data and manage your music, video, applications, etc.

Free and without iTunes limitation, speed up and clean up data, backup and restore iOS data, remove ads, fix jam and fixed iOS on all platforms (Windows / Mac / iOS). In short, it cannot be denied that Tenorshare iCareFone is a professional, wonderful and easy-to-use alternative to iTunes.

2. Floola is a completely free alternative program to iTunes, and there’s no demand to install it. It is easy to exploit and is indicated for mobile users of iPod and Motorola, as it well transfers data on these phones.

You can exploit it to transfer media files between Windows, Mac and Linux devices. If you have some problems with your iPod, Floola can also fix it. The main disadvantage is that it needs time to turn off this free software.


3. SynciOS is one more alternative to iTunes. It is free. You can exploit it to backup songs, notes, contacts, ebooks, etc. It also manages and transfers smartphone data, such as images, call history, etc. to another iOS device or Android device.

The main advantage is that SynciOS allows you to manage jailbreak devices that are different from most alternatives to iTunes. Moreover, you can exploit it to convert incompatible files to the iOS device format. The minus is that iTunes is necessary, and it only operates on a Windows PC.

4. AnyTrans is a specific program that specializes in iPhone, iPad or iPod. It can transfer applications, music libraries and other media files. Moreover, you can exploit it to manage personal iOS data on the Windows/Mac platform.

This software is an excellent tool for transferring data between different devices. The drawback is that it’s not free.

If you don’t want to exploit the alternatives, and iTunes cannot be used due to iTunes errors, you have an opportunity to exploit Tenorshare TunesCare. It fixes iTunes errors.

iTunes Library

This is a great program made to fix problems with iTunes errors and all iTunes problems by restoring the damaged iTunes library or iPhone. With it, you can just click once to solve unexpected errors in iTunes. When the problem is completed, you can to exploit iTunes, instead of using the alternatives to this app.