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iPhone 15 vs iPhone 13: Which iPhone Should You Pick?

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 13

Published on September 30th, 2023

The arrival of the iPhone 15 series marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the world’s most beloved smartphone.

In contrast to its predecessor, the iPhone 14, Apple has ushered in a host of long-anticipated enhancements and user-friendly features, not only for the premium Pro models but also for the standard variants.

Nevertheless, the enduring familiarity of the iPhone’s form factor means that certain aspects have remained largely unchanged, even when compared to models from a few generations ago.

In this article, we’ll delve into a comprehensive comparison of the iPhone 13 and the new iPhone 15 series, aiming to determine whether the latest offerings justify an upgrade.

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iPhone 15 Vs iPhone 13 Series: At A Glance

Here’s a concise breakdown of the key differences between the iPhone 15 series and the iPhone 13:

  • Display and Performance: The iPhone 15 series offers improved displays and faster processors across the board compared to the iPhone 13 models. Additionally, they feature smaller display cutouts referred to as the “Dynamic Island.”
  • Weight Reduction (Pro Models): The iPhone 15 Pro models have significantly reduced weight compared to previous generations due to the use of a new titanium mid-frame.
  • Camera Upgrades: With a 48MP primary camera and enhanced software processing across all models, the iPhone 15 series is expected to deliver superior camera performance when compared to the iPhone 13 series.
  • Connector Change: Apple has replaced the Lightning connector with the universal USB-C port in the iPhone 15 series, aligning it with industry standards.
  • SIM Card Tray (US): In the United States, the iPhone 15 series no longer includes a physical SIM card tray, likely indicating a shift towards eSIM technology.
  • Price Differences: The starting price for the iPhone 15 is $799, while the base model of the iPhone 13 is still available at $599.
  • Storage Upgrade (Pro Max): The iPhone 15 Pro Max offers double the base storage at 256GB for the same launch price of $1,199.

These changes represent a substantial upgrade in various aspects of the iPhone 15 series when compared to the iPhone 13, making it a compelling choice for those seeking the latest technology and improved performance.

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iPhone 13 vs iPhone 15: Specs

Let’s begin by comparing the base models of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 13, which are the more affordable options.

The base iPhone 15 maintains the same screen size as the iPhone 13 but ditches the notch in favor of Apple’s Dynamic Island, a feature initially introduced in the iPhone 14 Pro.

While this change may not appear revolutionary, it allows many apps to utilize this space for persistent notifications.

Moreover, the new iPhone boasts a significantly brighter display, reaching up to 2,000 nits in outdoor conditions, a substantial improvement over the iPhone 13’s 1,200 nits, resulting in enhanced sunlight legibility.

In terms of processing power, the iPhone 15 comes equipped with a newer System-on-Chip (SoC), marking a departure from the iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 transition.

This means users can expect a substantial performance boost, and while more RAM may be onboard in the base model iPhone 15, Apple doesn’t officially disclose this information.

Across the entire iPhone 15 series, there’s a noticeable increase in processing speed compared to the iPhone 13.

Unfortunately for fans of compact smartphones, Apple has discontinued the Mini version of the iPhone. Instead, they’ve introduced the iPhone 15 Plus, featuring a larger 6.7-inch display for an additional $100 over the base model.

Moving on to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, we observe similar enhancements in terms of display and processing power.

Upgrading from either iPhone 13 Pro model brings you the Dynamic Island and a significantly higher display peak brightness of 2,000 nits.

Additionally, compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, these models introduce an always-on display feature for convenient time-checking and quick glance notifications.

In terms of processing power, the Pro models take a substantial leap, transitioning from the A15 Bionic to the A17 Pro, which Apple claims is capable of running console-quality games.

Moreover, Apple has replaced the side Silent/Ring switch with an Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro, offering customization options for various functions such as launching the camera, toggling the flashlight, or recording voice memos.

Expect more functionality to be added in the future.

There are also several minor improvements across all 2023 iPhone models compared to the iPhone 13 series.

These include the inclusion of Emergency SOS via satellite as a standard feature in the iPhone 15 series and the replacement of the Lightning connector with the universal USB-C port, a significant change we’ll delve into later.

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iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 15: Design And Size Comparison

While the general shape of the iPhone 15 remains consistent with the previous three generations, there are several subtle yet impactful changes that enhance usability.

The most noticeable difference can be found at the top of the lineup with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which has a slightly thicker design but manages to shed 8% of its weight compared to its predecessors.

This seemingly small reduction in weight significantly improves the phone’s comfort during use.

To put it in perspective, older Pro Max models were nearly as heavy as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 foldable phone.

This weight reduction is achieved through the replacement of the stainless steel frame in both iPhone 15 Pro models with titanium.

Even the smaller iPhone 15 Pro experiences a notable decrease in weight, weighing just 6.6 ounces (187g) compared to the iPhone 13 Pro’s 7.27 ounces (206g).

On the other hand, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus maintain their aluminum side rails and do not experience any weight reduction.

However, the entire 2023 iPhone series features a new textured matte finish on the back glass panel, a refreshing departure from previous generations.

Additionally, the side rails have a more ergonomic, less sharp-edged design, providing a more comfortable grip.

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iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 15: Camera

The camera system in the iPhone 13 series featured 12MP sensors across all models, but this has undergone a significant transformation in the two generations that followed.

All four models in the iPhone 15 series now sport a substantial upgrade with a 48MP primary sensor, promising to capture much more detail in various shooting conditions.

This enhancement also allows the base iPhone 15 to achieve a 2x optical-like zoom by utilizing a central crop of the larger sensor, a feature previously exclusive to the Pro models.

The base iPhone 15, in particular, receives substantial camera improvements compared to the iPhone 13.

Moving on to zoom capabilities, the iPhone 15 Pro Max takes a notable leap in telephoto capabilities.

Apple has incorporated a tetra-prism technology within the phone, which bounces light multiple times, enabling even further zoom capabilities.

In contrast to the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 3x optical zoom, the new iPhone 15 Pro Max now offers 5x optical zoom.

However, it’s worth noting that the standard iPhone 15 Pro doesn’t receive this tetra-prism or the extended zoom capabilities.

Beyond hardware changes, Apple has also made significant advancements in computational photography over the past few generations.

The iPhone 15 series introduces a new Photonic Engine, designed to enhance low-light photography, along with improved Smart HDR and portrait algorithms.

These advancements should result in better-quality selfies and overall photo quality, even though the core camera hardware remains largely unchanged.

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iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 15: Battery Life And Charging

The iPhone 15 series doesn’t introduce significant changes to battery life and fast charging compared to the iPhone 13 series.

Apple claims that all iPhone 15 models offer an additional hour of video playback compared to their predecessors.

Despite earlier rumors about the adoption of stacked battery technology, Apple hasn’t taken that route for now.

However, there is exciting news regarding charging. While the iPhone 15 series doesn’t charge any faster than the previous two generations, it does retire Apple’s aging Lightning connector in favor of USB-C.

This means you can now charge your iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and numerous other non-Apple devices using a single cable. The only downside is that it still takes well over an hour to fully charge any 2023 iPhone.

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iPhone 13 vs iPhone 15: Price

In terms of pricing, the iPhone 15 family has not deviated significantly from its predecessors, despite earlier rumors suggesting possible price increases. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

  • iPhone 15: Starts at $799
  • iPhone 15 Plus: Starts at $899 (a new option not available with the iPhone 13)
  • iPhone 15 Pro: Starts at $999
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: Starts at $1199 (offers 256GB of storage at the base tier, a notable improvement over the iPhone 13 Pro Max)
  • Storage upgrades are available for every $100 increment.

On the other hand, while the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have been discontinued, the base iPhone 13 continues to be available at an attractive price point of just $599.

This represents a compelling option, especially considering the specifications it still retains compared to its 2023 counterpart.

Additionally, Apple has introduced USB 3 transfer speeds via the USB-C port for both iPhone 15 Pro models, enabling rapid file transfers at speeds of up to 10Gb per second.

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iPhone 13 vs iPhone 15: Which One Should You Buy?

The base iPhone 13 has become an even more attractive option with its $200 discount from its launch price.

With the added convenience of a USB-C port, it aligns with the growing trend of universal charging compatibility.

Moreover, the significant upgrades in camera quality, display technology, and processing power make it an enticing choice for those seeking an affordable yet feature-packed smartphone.

For current iPhone 13 owners contemplating an upgrade, the decision becomes less clear-cut.

The changes introduced in the iPhone 15 series, while noteworthy, may not justify the expense of a brand-new smartphone, especially when considering that the iPhone 13 series will continue to receive updates for several more years.

In the case of the premium models, the iPhone 13 Pro is no longer available, and for those considering an upgrade, there are compelling reasons to opt for the newer models.

These include a lighter design, significantly improved internal components, enhanced connectivity, faster displays, and noteworthy software enhancements.

Additionally, usability enhancements like the action button, always-on display, and the Dynamic Island feature in the iPhone 15 Pro models further justify the investment.

Ultimately, the choice between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 13 series depends on your specific needs, budget, and whether you’re seeking the latest advancements or content with the capabilities of your current device.

Regardless of the decision, both series offer impressive options in the ever-evolving world of smartphones.