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KaleidaCare Alternatives 2022: 10 Best Electronic Medical Record Software

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February 12th, 2022   |   Updated on February 3rd, 2023

KaleidaCare is based in Austin, Texas. It is a comprehensive, secure, online, and electronic health record system that is built purely for social and human service companies. It has served for more than 25 years and dealt with 250 different social service agencies all across the US, Kenya, Mexico, Canada, and Guam.

The social management software they have created provides agencies the best solutions in applied processes outcome tracking techniques that the leading care providers have developed. The software is relatively easy to use and implement, while the agencies get a combination of functionalities that help manage client data correctly.

Focusing on customer support and teamwork, KaleidaCare software leads the industry operations. Some of the best features of KaleidaCare are an executive reporting system, financial tools, process automation, electronic approval, custom form builder, home tracking, etc.

This platform allows users to finish their standard documents with tools like Medication forms, Case Notes, and Incident reports. The platform has modules like mileage tracker, 360 dashboard, dynamic workflow, state-specific forms, review process builder, document management, and the assessment tracker.

KaleidaCare allows users to organize payments, birth certificates, billing electronically with integrated alerts, and get notifications. The platform then integrates with third-party applications like the Google Calendar and Appointment-Plus.

Benefits Of Using Solution KaleidaCare

Some essential benefits of using the KaleidaCare are:

  • A very high-rated support staff.
  • Enter and track all the referrals, placements, and those discharged.
  • Documenting the administration of medicines.
  • Tracking the staff productivity, generating all the reports and their outcomes.
  • Get your bills in documented note, electronic signature format, and receive approval.

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Best KaleidaCare Alternatives

1. FAMCare

FAMCare is a case management platform that automates casework for all social workers. The caseworkers get a checklist of the tasks that they have to follow every day. You can get the software installed either on-premises or on the cloud.

You can customize FAMCare to meet the needs of a client of any size. It offers many features like case alerts, dynamic calendars, workflow processors, case notes management, and the knowledge base. This software gives you advanced data analytics and the reporting features that will support every query design, evaluate the caseload turnover and utilize the SQL reporting server to filter and dissect all information.

This tool comes with custom-tailored reports, assessment management, real-time productivity metrics, residential facility management features, etc. The FAMCare software offers web service components to connect to third-party software systems and also supports data importing from excel spreadsheets and legacy systems.

This product comes with a multi-dimensional security model and secure data centers., 256 data encryption, automatic backups, and is also HIPAA compliant.

2. Penelope

Penelope is another configurable, cloud-based case management software platform. It is designed for human service organizations to get multiple services across different locations.

Outcomes and treatment history, service plans, notes, smart forms, alerts, workflows, reminders, referrals, scheduling are all made from one place. This software brings all the aspects of an organization’s operations together.

The result is a comprehensive and coherent system that is designed from the ground up to improve on their service delivery.

Penelope comes with multiple client engagement options that are designed to save administrative time and improve the customer’s experience in dealing with his clients. There is an Add.Me self-intake web form and bulk upload tool and another mobile client portal called Client Connect. This portal allows the clients to finish their documentation, book the appointments, make the payments, and more from their mobile itself.

3. Foothold

Foothold is a cloud-based human service and health record management that is designed so as to help human service organizations. It helps manage customer support, data security, billing, and much more. This platform allows the managers to customize the service plans, reports, and forms and simplify the operations for their training and support teams.

This software comes along with an employment module that allows the organizations to add, modify and remove any records related to the consumers, employers, training, employees, etc. This platform comes with many features like contact logs, progress notes, patient/client search, medical records, incident reporting, password protection, and role-based permissions. Its built-in scheduling system allows its users to manage the staff shifts, medical programs, and patient appointments. Apart from that, the agency file cabinet functionality allows the admins to add multiple document formats like DOC, XLS, PDF, and JPG/BMP images.

4. Neon CCM

Neon CCM helps the human, victim, and child service organizations in managing their daily client as well as case management jobs. Organizations using this software could streamline the admin tasks like data entry and receive the client data and information from one particular platform. A built-in activity tracking tool helps the users track the attendance for different activities.

It also allows the clients to be logged in so that their interactions are better managed and provide effective customer support. The surveys and assessments could be administered to make it easy to run the programs and gather the client information.

This software allows the organizations to create reports with the graphs and the data, which you can export to Excel directly. Organizations could manage the access to this system and also assign the users multiple role levels that help in protecting critical information. The software follows HIPAA guidelines and implements them within the solution to see that users are compliant.

5. Plan Street

Irrespective of the organization’s size, Plan Street has all that you want to manage the performance better. The case management software is secure and flexible, and it is suitable for any social, healthcare, and human service. It is flexible and thus able to support any specific client’s needs and therefore empowers the agency. The Plan Street software allows you to automate client management, cases, forms, and files.

6. MediSked Coordinate

MediSked Coordinate makes the care management activities like caseload management assessments, service authorizations, planning, documentation, submitting claims very easy. With the software, the users can pull the data and prepopulate the plan, thus helping you make all the changes required. Users can also get tools for budgeting and reporting, which helps with the administration tasks.

7. CharityTracker

CharityTracker is another online service that combines all the charitable organizations within a particular community. It allows them to then communicate in real-time and track the client records as well.

This solution offers a web app for shared case management. You can use it to get and report statistical data to develop resources, plan, measure the outcomes, reduce duplication and handle disaster relief.

Charity Tracker is also HIPAA compliant and therefore offers cloud-based collaborations. Its features include a shared client case database, outcome tracking, and reporting, etc.

8. CaseWorthy

CaseWorthy is a scalable case management software that supports non-profit organizations, government agencies, and public administration departments in the US. It provides a flexible and customizable solution that matches the deployment needs. The platform automates and simplifies the data management and funder compliance processes.

The organizations can then reconfigure all the main areas of the solution like forms, workflows, role-based access, data dashboards, service eligibility rules, searchable queries using their app builder development tool.

The flexibility provided makes the case data management possible for multiple programs like employment, youth, family, senior services, homeless management, volunteer management, health center management, utility assistance, etc.

9. My Junna

My Junna is a client management solution that helps companies manage their clients on the parameters like services provided, enter case notes from different devices, organize and track the resources, etc.

My Junna is an intuitive and user-friendly platform. Users may organize these resources and share them further. They can also track all the incoming and outgoing referrals. The software allows users to run reports on their company and sign case notes, share calendars and contacts, etc.

10. NewOrg

NewOrg is a web-based data management system that is specifically designed to help non-profit organizations, volunteer communities, and campaign leaders. It can support multiple locations, programs, partnerships, and funding sources.

The software comprises integrated features that are built on a customizable, flexible framework. The client information management offers detailed data capture and the facility of tracking it along with a variety of reports.

This collaboration is helped through volunteer portals, document management, and centralized shared storage of the files. Apart from that, the integrated email system lets the template-based emails that can be sent to exportable contact lists.

The development management and fundraising tools provided track everything and gather all the constituents and stakeholders in one place. You can manage the donations with quick data entry, chart-based reports, and quick export options. The scheduling features are built specifically to an organization calendar, helping in planning events, accepting the online reservations, and capturing the signups of volunteers, also letting the staff record their time.