7 Killer Apps And Tools No One Should Live Without

Killer Apps And Tools

November 23rd, 2018   |   Updated on December 5th, 2018

There are hundreds of apps and tools available in the marketplace, iTunes and Google Play. You already downloaded many among them but most of the downloads are sitting idle. You may not be aware about many more killer apps and tools that could give you wow! moments.

Why not uninstall the ones that are pure duds and install the smart killer apps?

You may not be an app nomad, but we are app scavengers. We constantly dig out apps that are worthy of our time and attention while replacing the ones that are useless or have outlived their utility.

Killer Apps And Tools

We guess the time has come in your android life when you may want to kill a couple of apps to create space for those killer apps that can make the most of your phone and days.

There are apps that drain your battery and hog space. They are sure as hell damn annoying. Why don’t you kill them? You have an uninstall button on your android that is the best killer app right now.

Done that. OK, now you are sitting on a fertile terrain to download our pick of the most killer apps that we bet will make your life.

Here is our list that we will discuss one by one. If you already have them all, thumbs up for you. The rest is your choice. So here are the 6 apps and tools you couldn’t get through life without:

1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Developed by Google, this messaging app comes with loads of features including messaging, video, chat, SMS and VOIP. In other words, whether you want to receive or send messages or start free video and voice calls this app lets you do all this and more. You can communicate one on one or in a group, you have both the choices for free. You are in touch with your friends distributed across the web or Android iOs. This app syncs chats across devices. Hangout users can make calls to one another free of cost. This app runs on both android and iOS platforms.

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2. CamScanner

With this app, you can now bid your bulky old scanner at home a good bye. If you are used to that bulky old scanner in your office, this one is surely going to be a free and more accessible alternative. You simply cannot afford to bypass this alternative, it is so addictive. Note the features: a state-of-the art interface, sharing and collaboration features, search abilities, and text recognition. It becomes an intimate part of your professional and personal life once you begin using it. It is compatible with both android and iOS platforms.

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3. Dropbox


The cloud storage technology has nearly transformed the way we communicate and send across data. You may reckon this app among the most popular provider of cloud storage. Dropbox syncing service is free that lets you share videos, docs, and photos with anyone anywhere. You can store huge quantities of data that becomes accessible to anyone you want. Email technology appears like way too primitive in comparison to the Dropbox. This app works on both Android and iOS platforms.

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4. CleanGeeker 


CleanGeerker is one of the most dashing tools that helps to optimize and organize your Mac devices. Using RAW searching algorithm, it scans all existing and hidden junk files, cache files sector by sector in your Mac machines to make sure that all the possible files can be removed completely.

More importantly, CleanGeeker uninstalls apps on your system strongly by removing software and applications that leave temporary files and logs behind, and they won’t even uninstall. In 3 simple steps, this Mac Cleaner software can automatically and deeply scan your Mac and clean all junk files, caches and more.

This Mac cleaning software can simply clean all system junk file, cache files, logs, app caches, left over files, unneeded apps downloads, iTunes junk files, mail attachments and browser junk files.

This tool can carefully scan your entire computer and dismisses every potential threats from the system so that you can have more space and an optimized system. Make your Mac running at peak performance.

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5. Gmail

Google Beefing Up Gmail’s Security

Google has recently updated its Gmail app. The interface of the new Gmail app will wow you. It is not just useful and efficient but also intuitive in a certain sense with the addition of ‘intelligence’ features embedded in it.

Push notifications can instantly access your email. You can read and respond to your conversations offline and online and instantly search and locate your email. You can maintain multiple accounts including non-Gmail ones from here and manage them efficiently.

You can perform several other tasks including setting up of label notifications and you can view your attachments that you may or may not want to save. A single tap will enable you to create a new message and its Android widget helps you see the recent emails. It runs on both android and iOS platforms.

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6. Instagram

Followers on Instagram

The Instagram app is meant for sharing photos and videos which resembles Facebook or Twitter. Each member using this app has a profile and news feed. Photo or video you post is visible to the others as you will see other members’ photos and videos whom you follow.

You can interact with other members following you. Pretty much like Facebook, you can choose to opt for the private mode. Interacting is super easy on Instagram. You only need to double tap a post to like or make a comment.

You can share something by just clicking on the arrow button. Recent updations have made it super easy to post on instagram either directly through the app or from existing photos/videos in your device. This app has 23 filters for a smooth user experience. You can use the edit option to add creative effects to your photos and videos.

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7. MyFitnessPal

Most of us are health conscious today. This is an excellent app to improve your diet, fitness, health and lifestyle. This is an excellent calorie counting app with an enormous database of 4,000,000 and more items. If you are looking up to improve your life style and bring about changes in it, this app promises to help with extreme precision.

The automatic syncing of pc/laptop and your mobile device ensures your constant access to this device. You can watch and monitor your progress on a day to day basis. You can set goals that this device will help you achieve. If you are health conscious, you cannot afford to overlook this device.

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