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Barbara Johnson ( Liver Queen ) Bio, Net Worth, Career, Family Details All Revealed

Barbara Johnson Liver Queen Net Worth

Published on February 6th, 2023

Liver Queen, or Barbara Johnson, is a dentist, fitness enthusiast, and social media influencer. Her husband is Brian Johnson, who is popularly called Liver King. Born into a middle-class family, Liver queen attained success along with her husband, who she married in 2004. Born in Warsaw, Poland, the liver queen has a strong following of her own. Let us read more about Liver Queen and her first steps at achieving success.


After pursuing her DDS qualification, Barbara started practicing as a Dentist at Dentiq Dentistry. However, once she met Brian, she decided to leave her job. Then she started a dental clinic with her husband. After closing the clinic, she found various supplement-making companies. This included brands like Ancestral Supplements and The Fittest.

Later Brian became a Social media influencer, and Barbara followed him. She uploads fitness-related posts on the platforms and supports her husband’s lifestyle. She has organized several podcast events along with her husband. Currently, the Liver queen has 85 K plus followers on Instagram, 11.7K followers on Tik Tok and 226 followers on Facebook.

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Fitness Career

Both Brian and Barbara follow the 9 ancestral points of Eat, Sleep, Shield, Move, Connect, cold, Sun, fight, and Bond.

They adopted this practice after their sons frequently fell sick due to allergies. Now they have adopted a primitive lifestyle and started consuming raw meat. Apparently, their health and mood have changed after changing their diet pattern.

Facts About The Liver Queen

  • In October last year, she took horse riding lessons. Post that, she went to Mongolia for a vacation.
  • Liver Queen is very fond of pets and owns four pet Dobermans.
  • Barbara met her husband Brian in 2004. They fell in love and decided to get married. Their wedding was a small-time affair, with only family members and close friends attending the event.
  • Liver Queen prefers wearing expensive clothes, and she also goes to high-end malls to do her shopping.
  • She also shares many recipes on her social media platforms.
  • Barbara has also taken training in shooting.
  • Last year Brian was in controversy. The “More Players More Dates” YouTube channel claimed his physique was due to steroids. His strength is not due to the consumption of raw meat, as he and Barbara claim.
  • Both Brian and Barbara call their two sons the Savage Liver Boys.

Liver Queen’s Net Worth

Barbara’s net worth is estimated to be about 1.5 million dollars. She earns well from the performance of her social media channels. In fact, she and Brian own a beautiful 8300 sq. feet mansion in Texas. They also own many beautiful cars but do not flaunt them on social media.

Liver Queen BIO

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