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Wee Man Net Worth, Age, Height, Kids, Parents, Bio [Updated]

January 15th, 2023   |   Updated on February 17th, 2024

Wee Man Bio Highlights:

Wee Man, aka Jason Shannon Acuna, was born on May 16, 1973, in Pisa, Italy, and raised in Torrance, California. He has achondroplasia, a genetic disorder causing dwarfism.

  • Estimated net worth ranges from $8 million to $12 million 2024, earned through his role in the MTV show “Jackass” and its film versions.
  • Wee Man’s notable stunts include skating as an Oompa Loompa and deep squatting with Shaquille O’Neal on his back.
  • He worked as a subscription manager for Big Brother magazine before joining “Jackass” in 2002.
  • Wee Man has appeared in other shows, movies, and video games, including a reality show where he trained to become a reserve officer for the police department.
  • He sold his home in Hermosa Beach in 2018 for $2.37 million and now lives in a Mercedes bus, embracing a van life.
  • In 2010, Wee Man invested in Chronic Tacos Mexican Fast chain.
  • As of the latest update, Wee Man is involved in various business ventures, including collaborations with Merge4, a brand selling socks.
  • He is not married, and details about his dating life are unclear.
  • Wee Man is an iconic member of the “Jackass” series, known for his humorous and memorable stunts.

Wee Man or ‘Jason Shannon Acuna’ was born on May 16, 1973, in Pisa, Italy, and was raised in Torrance, California.

He attended North High School. Acuña has achondroplasia, a type of genetic disorder that causes dwarfism.

However, his short stature never hindered his skateboarding career. Having grown up in a military family, Acuña has taken numerous charity trips with the USO.

How Much Is Wee Man’s Net Worth?

Various sources seem to be in complete conflict with Wee Man’s net worth. Most people think he’s worth around $8 million, but some estimates go as high as $8 million.

Anyway, Acuña has amassed an impressive fortune, especially considering the lack of blockbuster movies. And despite his lack of mainstream success, many people recognize Jason in public and ask him for pictures.

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Acuna’s first job was subscription manager for the skateboard magazine Big Brother. This job inspired him to appear in the MTV television series ‘Jackass’ in 2002. ‘Jackass‘ was a comedy reality series in which the main stars perform stunts and play pranks on each other and other guests.

Acuna’s most memorable stunts include skating dressed as an Oompa Loompa, kicking his head, rolling co-star Johnny Knoxville down a red carpet step, and deep squatting with Shaquille O’Neal on his back.

To date, Wee Man has appeared in four film versions of Jackass, including the 2022 Jackass Forever. In the television show, each performer was paid per stunt. Compensation for simple stunts ranged from $500 to $700.

For the first “Jackass” film, a lead role like Wee Man was paid “more than $20,000 and less than $100,000,” he recalled to a New York Times interviewer in 2022.

Other Works

Made a cameo appearance in the movie “Grind” and a guest appearance in the TV show “Wild Boys”. He is also a playable character in the skateboarding video games Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4.

The show followed the celebrity as he trained to become a reserve officer for the police department in Muncie, Indiana. He also appeared on another MTV show, Scarred Live.

Acuña was cast as one of the contestants on NBC’s reality show Celebrity Circus. He does high-wire stunts, trapeze, and fire dance. Candidates then face a jury for criticism.

Acuna said the Celebrity Circus is very different, as Jackass is known to show off his star’s failed stunts and joke around and described the experience as “painful” and “crazy”.

In the show’s fourth week of competition, Acuna became the first contestant to score a perfect score from an average of 10 points. He finished the season in 3rd place.

Acuña has also released his DVD, American Misfits. In 2012, he starred in the direct-to-video vacation film Elf-Man, his first role in a family-friendly feature film. He is writing and will be starring in the Jackass Forever feature film, due out in October 2021.

Real Estate And Van Life

In September 2018, Jason sold his home in Hermosa Beach, California for $2.37 million. A few months later he announced that he had decided to buy a new Mercedes bus. He explained the move to the fan as follows:

I wanted to be on the road. I love to travel. I needed a change in my life. I said straight. I’m going to get a van, I’m going to live in it.

Taco’s Investment In His Restaurant

In 2010, Jason invested in his Chronic Tacos Mexican Fast chain of casual restaurants. For years, he operated a store in his hometown of Hermosa Beach, but in 2018 he closed that store and moved to Long Beach, California.

What Is Wee Man Doing Now?

Jason Acuña stayed on TV after the original Jackass ended, making brief appearances on shows like Punk’d, MADtv, Wildboyz, and in Celebrity Circus. There have also been a few reruns of “Jackassery,” but this time Wee Man took on a different role.

Sure, he’s still on the screen, but Wee Man also credits the film as a writer. He also had previous film credits.

But that’s not the only way he makes a living. Wee Man also invested in the Chronic Tacos restaurant chain. But his Chronic Tacos, which Wee Man now owns.

One of his restaurants in Redondo Beach wasn’t a huge success, but Long later opened an eatery on the beach, which was successful. And Jason has other business ventures to keep him busy (and lucrative).

One of his most recent collaborations was with Merge4. This is a product that Jason makes regular appearances on his social media.

The brand sells socks among other things, and Wee Man hosts meet-and-greet events on behalf of Merge4. But Acuna’s story goes beyond his film roles and business plans.

Is Wee Man Married?

Jason’s dating history is difficult to ascertain, but he does not appear to be married. At least not yet. He’s shared snaps of himself with women, though the details are hard to pin down.

Wee Man Is An Iconic Member Of Jackass

Wee Man comes from the original series and was an integral part of the group. He’s been involved in some of the funniest and most memorable stunts in franchise history, and fans went wild last year when Jackass scored his Forever victory.

Johnny Knoxville said, “When it came time to go, we were all able to communicate the camaraderie and how much fun and dedication there was in making this film,” he said. It not only did well at the box office but also received excellent reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) About Wee Man

How Old Is Wee Man?

Jason Shannon Acuna is 49 years old.

When Is Wee Man’s Birthday?

Weeman’s date of birth is May 16, 1973.

How Much Is Wee Man’s Net Worth?

He has a net worth of $8 million.

How Tall Is Wee Man?

He is 1.23 m tall.

Is Wee Man Married?

He is single.

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