7 Trends In The Fast-Growing Mobile Apps Market In 2020

Mobile Apps Market

Published on January 16th, 2020

The growth of companies goes hand in hand with technology. Every day there are more challenges to face to achieve growth and keep customers. To start off with a good footing in the next year, we let you know the best mobile app trend in 2020. Keep reading and now them here.

The Growth Of Mobile Applications

A mobile application is a program that can be installed on a phone or other mobile device. These allow various professional activities, apart from accessing services, being informed, etc. We should note that most need an Internet connection to function.

The apps can access during your installation, if you allow it and you agree, to the contact list, mail, call log. The location data of the phone, unique identification code of the device, among others.

There are different mobile applications:

  • We design native apps with a specific programming language. It works in a certain operating system.
  • We develop a Web App with JavaScript, CSS, or HTML language and work on any operating system. But not without the Internet.
  • The hybrid app combines the functions of the native with the web; so they adapt to any operating system.

We expect mobile applications to be around 350 billion in 2021. So 2020 will be a crucial year for the development of this sector, since they estimate that this industry will generate over 188 million dollars.

Mobile Apps Market In 2020

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Mobile Application Trends In 2020

The digital market is full of proposals, but which trends in app design in 2020 are emerging as the most important? More and more users are adding technology to their daily lives.

It forces the design of mobile applications to offer more attractive features. The aim is to minimize the time that the client must use to perform any action they offer. To expect their needs against the demands of multitasking users.

The following applications will be in vogue by 2020:

1. Subscription Apps

Video game apps are the ones that generate the most revenue in the main mobile app stores.

This will remain largely thanks to the emergence of subscription services from Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass. For a monthly fee, users will have access to a wider offer of content and services. It will remain a successful app.

Besides video games, the other pillar of subscription apps is those of entertainment videos and editing. The main platforms used in Android phones are YouTube and Netflix; but there are others intending to take part strongly. One of these is Disney +.

2. Influence Of 5G Technology

It is another trend that will increase the development of mobile apps. They estimate that it will have a great impact in the coming years in most of the companies for its speed. It is 100 times faster than 4G.

Its disadvantage is that it is just developing, so telecommunications companies will focus on expanding coverage.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning changed application development, and this will continue to happen in 2020. It integrates AI with mobile apps, and businesses can save money and improve user engagement.

Another clear trend that is shown is that users want to save time using their devices. So the challenge is to become smarter devices to solve the greatest number of requirements.

Artificial intelligence has allowed the development of chatbots, which implies a change in how businesses interact with customers through mobile app. Services such as Uber, Uber Eats, and online stores, among others, integrate AI to respond quickly to people.

This year, Chatbots or robots with artificial intelligence have emerged more strongly. They are used to improving the consumer experience, such as digital assistants and therapist bots, among others.

Forbes data shows that artificial intelligence spending will reach 30 billion dollars in 2025. While Gartner said that smart apps will be the trend and large companies will focus on the development of applications with AI.

4. Increase In Mobile Commerce

Users find better and are more accustomed to mobile applications to buy products. They project that the conversion into e-commerce apps in 2020 will be 70%.

Studies show that 9 out of 10 people keep their smartphones close most of the time. This guarantees that by sending notifications of some brand they will be aware quickly and this leads to selling more.

Users choose them because they comfort them, speed, personalized content, rewards for the use of the app, etc.

For all this, companies will opt more for mobile-commerce applications, electronic commerce using the smartphone. This will be one trend in app development in 2020.

5. Integration Of Wearable Apps

Mobile App Development

They are devices that can be used in the body and that interact with the mobile devices that are nearby. People use them as pieces of their wardrobe. These will grow not only in 2020, but in 2021 when their value is expected to be $929 million.

Its advantage is that they connect to the mobile device to update via the mobile networks or Wi-Fi. The most marked trend will be towards the development of wearable applications aimed at medical care, physical fitness, and the industrial area. And online transactions and personalization.

6. Internet Of Things (IoT)

We project that in 2020, about 120 new devices will be connected to the Internet of things every second.

Every day, we see how Smartphones become the center of action of the Internet of Things. Not only will it be used more frequently in homes to control the refrigerator or turn on the heating. But it will be more important at work.

Attending demands outside the office or offering services when connecting from anywhere. Giving added value, it will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for the design of mobile applications.

7. Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

Applications that use augmented and virtual reality initially changed the gaming industry. But we apply these in many more fields today, for education, online stores and more.

For mobile applications, the goal is to make them every day for users.

For now, those that translate text from real-time videos like Google Translate are popular. Intelligent observation of stars (Night Sky) and those that place virtual 3D furniture like IKEA Place. Besides SnapChat with its filters. Combined with 5G, you can reach everywhere.

Its integration into mobile applications has caused the devices to be smarter. These apps can turn your phone into a virtual reality multimedia center.

Some offer from a translation of texts just by focusing. Search information on Google from a photo taken with the phone. Others allow you to view content and messages in virtual reality mode through the camera.

But it still has an undeveloped potential and is the goal for 2020. They will be over one of the innovative apps that will be made with this technology and will surely achieve a good ASO Positioning.

Now you will know ​​the trends in the development of apps in 2020 so that you are attentive to the constant movement of the digital world. If you want to go further and enter this adventure, contact us to advise you.