Make Your Memories Presentable With Movavi Video Editor For Mac

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February 16th, 2018   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2020

Movies and photos of your precious moments are something you should always save for later viewing.

You can impress your family and friends by presenting these unforgettable memories in an organized and stylish manner.

If you are a Mac user looking to create presentable videos, I recommend using Movavi video editor for Mac.

Movavi Video Editor_1

Movavi is a brilliant video editing software offering the functionality and ease of use that even the most inexperienced individuals can master.

It lets you edit your videos on a timeline platform, enhance the quality of your video, add sound, and apply special effects to make the final product worth the watch.

The free to download application (only the basic version) with its intuitive interface and controls keeps the learning process at a minimum and allows you to have lots of fun producing your personalized videos.


A very interesting feature of the software is Movavi Montage Wizard, which makes the banal task of video editing easy and fun. You only need to follow three easy steps to make the magic work.

First off, import the video or clip of your choice that you want to edit (you could also add photos to the mix to make your final product look more exciting).

Secondly, add the music or soundtrack you want the video to have, and finally determine and set the duration of your video. Movavi will do all the work for you and save your precious time.

You can create a Hollywood style movie with the Reverse Video and Music feature to add a bit of flavor and an artistic touch to leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

If you desire, Movavi will apply this effect for you, but if you find joy in working hard on your creation, you can always do it yourself using the Reverse function in the video editor for Mac.

With this Mac video editor, you don’t need a separate audio editing software, as this application provides you all the fundamental and necessary tools to create a crisp audio for your clip.

You can choose to tweak the audio frequency with the Equalizer, normalize wavering sound, remove noise for a clearer reception, as well as add crazy special effects to your audio clips like Echo, Robot and Telephone among many others.

If you want that extra edge over your peers, opt for Movavi Video Editor Plus with added features such as:

  • Title Keyframe animation, video overlay and more
  • Sample videos to help you learn the tricks of the trade
  • Countless more stickers and even more music tracks to choose from

User Tips

Movavi supports direct integration with the video sharing site YouTube, so once you have finished editing your video clip, you can upload it directly to your YouTube channel for your friends and family to view anywhere in the world!

Download Movavi Video Editor for Mac, have fun, learn and impress others, all that for free!

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