14 Romantic Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Romantic Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Published on January 19th, 2019

Love is in the air and rightly so. It is less than a month to the festival of love i.e. Valentine’s day. Like other lovers, we are sure you would also be wondering how to make the say special for the love of your life.

But as much as hard as you try thinking on the same you tend to fall short of innovative ideas. With this thought in mind, we are here to make your life a little easy.

Here are 14 romantic ways in which you can celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Hopefully, these suggestions would guide you in taking your relationship and bonding to the next level and also enjoy the Love day to its full.

1. Eat At Home.

Instead of making reservations at a restaurant, cook at home. You can make a gourmet meal for the fraction of what it would cost. Not into gourmet? No problem. Have a good ol’ fashioned picnic in front of the fireplace, if you have one. If you don’t have a fireplace, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the warmth of a picnic for two.

2. Volunteer.

Giving back is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. You can volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or at some other type of non-profit. Not only does giving back feel good, but you get to see how much you have to be grateful for. You’ll also learn that there’s more to Valentine’s Day than giving expensive flowers and jewelry. It’s a heart-centered holiday where a random act of kindness is the best gift to give.

3. Take A Road Trip.

Get in the car and take a road trip to somewhere you’ve never visited before in your city or area. Check out historic sites and dine at a country café. Stroll along a lazy river or have lunch in a park. Not only is a road trip a good way to see the sites in your hometown, but it gives you the opportunity to discuss your financial future with your partner.

4. Celebrate The Day Before Or After.

You don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14; you could celebrate before or after. In fact, it may be cheaper and less crowded to do so. Plus, you won’t have to fight the crowds or get frustrated trying to find a parking spot.

5. Create A Scavenger Hunt In And Outside Of Your Home.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a fun scavenger hunt. You can even tie your finances into it. How? Get a jar, fill it with pennies and hide it somewhere. Your partner (or friends) will have fun finding the jar of pennies. Give bonus points for guessing how many pennies are in the jar.

6. Give Each Other Massages.

Instead of booking an expensive couples massage, give each other massages. It’s an intimate way to connect with one another without breaking the bank on Valentine’s Day. Plus, it gives you a chance to talk about your finances. Nothing says romance than saying “I Do” to a strong financial future together.

7. Play Board Games.

Don’t want to cook? No problem. Order take-out from your favorite diner or restaurant and enjoy a night of board games. Or make up your own games. Maybe you can create a financial game to see how much you know about saving and investing your money.

8. Express With A Rose

No gift says “I love you” on Valentine’s Day like a bouquet of roses. Express your words with a rose. While lavender (or purple) are seen more on first dates and secret “love at first sight” times, white roses are a tradition for weddings. Pink, orange, and yellow roses are viewed as admiration, excitement, and friendship respectively.

The yellow and pink are very similar and can be used for the same events. Finally, the red rose, as the color expresses and emphasizes beauty and love. Red roses are traditionally exchanged by couples and people whom wish to express their feelings towards another.

9. A Day For Friends, Not Lovers

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a way to celebrate the romance in your life, but it’s also a good way to show friends how much you value them. There are as many ways to do this as there are friendships, and no way is right or wrong. With some friends, you might give a card to say “Happy Valentine’s Day,” while with others you might go all out with a big party.

10. Remind Your First Date

There’s a good chance that the beginning of your relationship was the time when you made the most effort to show her your romantic side, so why not turn back the clock and remind her how charming you were when you were wooing her?

Women love it when men remember details from when they were still getting to know each other. Think back to your first date, and take her to the same place, eat the same food and do the same things that first sparked your romance.

11. Make A Romantic Date!

So you may not be able to pull off anything like Justin Bieber‘s romantic “Titanic” date but surely you can swing with your love. Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give is the gift of uninterrupted time together. You don’t need to leave the house to make Valentine’s Day special. Think of how great it could be to spend the entire day in bed together. Turn off your phones, don’t answer the door and enjoy each other.

12. Dress Up In Your Finest

This is a very special day so pull out all the stops and dress up in your finest. No matter what your plans are, whether you’ve got reservations at a posh restaurant or you’re eating a meal together at home — dressing up and good grooming will make the occasion feel extra special. Most women love having the chance to get all dolled up, and you can both enjoy looking your best while spending time together.

13. Spend Quality Time With Loved One

Make time for what’s important and spend quality time with your loved ones. The easiest way to spend quality time with loved ones is to involve them in your day. Go out to a nice restaurant or create a special dinner. Cuddle with your significant other on a couch and watch a movie. Try to avoid distractions, such as surfing the internet, chatting on the phone while around people, or deciding to do other things by yourself or with another group of people.

14. Propose Your Dream Girl

The best way to propose to the woman of your dreams is on Valentines Day. If you’ve been thinking about asking her to marry you, there’s no time like Valentine’s Day for a romantic proposal. The day is meant for lovers, after all, and getting down on one knee with a ring or red rose is one of the best ways you can profess your love for her.



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