The 10 Rules Of Being In A New Relationship

Rules For Relationship

January 26th, 2018   |   Updated on June 5th, 2020

The beginning of a new relationship can be a tricky course to navigate. It is very important to follow few things when someone moves into a relationship to save it from being a relation-shit.

Here are 10 rules for a new relationship that everyone should be following:

When you two had sex with consent, don’t play a victim card and start blaming him after knowing that your relationship doesn’t last for long.

Don’t make false accusations and start #MeToo. You loved him. He loved you. Understand that both of you expressed love for each other.

When he asks for a picture or a video call, just don’t rush near dressing table and apply all kinds of creams. Your boyfriend loves you the way you are.

1. Behaviour In Public

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People have different comfort levels when it comes to couples behaviour in public. Know the limit (holding hands, smooching, heated necking on the subway platform) and don’t cross it.

2. Once A Week

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Decide on one day every week you can spend together, no one else invited. Just you and your partner together.

3. No Suffocation Or Restrictions

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Being together is great; acting like conjoined twins is not. Respect each other’s space and don’t take it so seriously if he asks for some time to himself and avoid putting restrictions.

4. Do Not Talk About The Future Until It’s Time To Talk About The Future.

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Nothing freaks a guy out like the prospect of kids before he’s actually ready to have them. Don’t think he doesn’t want to be with you if he shies away from the topic. He just enjoys the way things are and isn’t quite ready to add a mini-me to the mix. So do not start anything of this sort.

5. Forge Friendships With Your Partner’s Pals

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Not that you have to be one of the bros, but it’s nice to him (and you) if you feel comfortable around his buddies and will help you in your relationship as well.

6. Don’t Forget Your Own Friendship

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Don’t drop the friends who were with you before he showed up. Ditching the girls will lead to feelings of resentment and neglect and if your relationship comes to an end, you will want that circle of support.

7. Don’t Hide Things From Partner

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You don’t need to tell him about the time you hooked up with your father’s golf buddy, but it’s probably a good idea to tell him you’re still friends with your ex before he runs into the two of you on the street things will not be good enough.

8. No Assumptions Or Guessing Games.

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Don’t force him to guess what you really mean by, “It’s OK if we don’t go out on my birthday.” Being upfront with your feelings will prevent many conflicts and sometimes its ok even if he forgets some things.

9. How You Act On Social Media

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Social media posts are kind of like PDA. You might be happy to post all the details of your romance online, but your partner might not.

And it could just be a matter of having co-workersand family members on social media that your partner doesn’t want involved in your private lives.

Or, you could both be all about sharing. Or maybe you don’t like the idea of your partner chatting with exes online. The point is, you need to share your feelings before you share your status and respect those digital boundaries.

10. How You Will Have Sex

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Violating sexual boundaries isn’t just unhealthy, it’s abuse, and in many cases, it’s a crime.

These boundaries don’t just include what you’re comfortable doing in the bedroom, but how often and with whom.

In abusive or unhealthy relationships, one partner often pressures the other into uncomfortable or unsafe sex acts without their consent.

That’s why talking about your sex lives, and talking about it often, is so key. Plus there’s no worse mood killer than pulling a sexy move that your partner is not cool with, So be careful of it.

Let’s Find Out What Other People Have To Say About The Rules Of Being In A New Relationship On Quora:

The Obvious Vital 3:

  • One: Loyalty
  • Two: Love
  • Three: Communication.

Now, The Fun Ones. In No Particular Order:

  • Four: don’t become the “friend” police.: If your boyfriend has legitimately questionable friends, fine. Otherwise, please don’t start in on him about them. Let him have his fun.
  • Five: Don’t expect mind reading. Read More By Sean Kernan 

Stay the hell away from his phone. I put this as number one because it is freaking important. Besides, if you don’t trust him, why are you with him?

Give him space. This way you get space too. Don’t make the fatal error of living your life around him.

Pay for dinner, the movies, opera tickets, etc. sometimes. It’s only fair.

Don’t ask to meet his parents/friends. He’ll introduce you when he’s ready. If it’s taking too long to the point it bothers you, maybe it’s a sign. (?) Read More By Ina Zamparripa

I love creating new relationships. I was a mature adult before I realized this is not for everyone. I go out in the world with the best outlooks and hoping to meet someone new in which I can exchange life stories. I love to do this. Read More By Patti Reece DelGrosso 

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I have a few exes. How I feel about them varies, but I don’t hold onto the negative, I never have and I never intend to.

Bitterness and negativity is addictive, it is easy to be seduced by it and let it taint your entire perspective on life, so I actively try to avoid participating in it. Read more here… By Ben Alabaster

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the most exciting relationships are usually based on deep trust. When you trust your partner, you feel free to explore things you wouldn’t have dared to try alone. Read More By Suzanne Sadedin 

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The last guy I casually dated was a complete douchebag. Time revealed he wasn’t sweet, he was full of himself.

He would get angry and insult you. He was threatening and out of control. He thought he was owed certain things and he could just take them.

Our failure of a legal system fails to stop people like him even when they promise to. Read more here… By Mari Del Rio

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There is no ‘formula’ (secret or otherwise) for keeping a relationship healthy. But generally speaking, there are a few things to keep in mind when interacting with someone who is very special to you.

These are: Respect and Dignity, Friendship and Romance, Communication and Honesty. Read More By Barbara Carleton 

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So to start with i had been in am on and off relationship for 4 years and then was the day I finally was done with it and wanted to move on.

I had many people interested in me or maybe a few people I would have considered for a relationship.

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I am in love with a girl and by all means, she is a good friend and that is how we started.

It has been 6 months since I have known her in person and 5 years we were friends online.

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You like somebody, you get to know them, you decide you’re compatible. This takes a different amount of time for everyone, but it’s usually not years.

Then come the good days. You finish each other’s sentences.

You judge your friends’ relationships for not being as healthy as yours. You promise to love each other forever.  Read More By William Himes 

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