Top 9 SEO Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketing In 2021

SEO Chrome Extensions

June 30th, 2021   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

SEO is multi-faced. It is highly dynamic. That means you have to take care of a lot of things at the same time. To ensure that you need 10 different tools which can be expensive.

So, in this post we look at 9 highly recommended absolutely free Google chrome extensions that will give you amazing SEO insight so you can better fine-tune your strategy.

SEO Site Tools

This tool packs the all-inclusive tool that will give you comprehensive SEO information. There are 6 main sections in this tool:

  • Page Terms
  • Domain/Server Info
  • External Page Data
  • Social Media
  • Page Terms
  • Suggestions

The tool will also highlight your domain Google search, show trend data, and also display social media statistics in GA.

1. Ubersuggest

With Ubersuggest Chrome Extension, you can view all keyword data from within Google search results. You no longer have to leave the SERPs to check out related keyword information.

Users can export the keyword data into a CSV file. Under the ‘People also look for…’ option, you will get redirected to the dashboard of the tool for more information on the searched keyword.

Ubersuggest allows performing keyword research in one quick look right from the SERPs.

2. Mozbar by Moz

Moz Pro

Domain Authority or DA is a metric that tells you the authority ranking of a site. As a thumb rule, the higher the rankings, the higher the domain authority, and vice-versa.

Mozbar Chrome Extension will tell you the page authority and domain authority for any page or website you look up on the web. It’s a super-handy extension which is quite useful as you’re researching the web and looking up competitor information.

You can look up the authority of their pages as you’re browsing through their site along with other important metrics.

3. Similar Web

One of the ultimate goals of B2B SEO strategy is to increase traffic. After all, more traffic means more sales. At least mostly! One of the greatest tools when it comes to analyzing web traffic is the Similar Web. The tool gives accurate estimations for traffic. The results are supposed to be better than those given by any other tool.

Similar Web will give you traffic details from the past 6 months. It will even break down further details such as visit duration, average pages visited per visit, bounce rate, etc.

Further information includes data related to the number of visitors from different countries. Lastly, it will break down the traffic makeup for the site under consideration. For example, it will tell you whether the traffic is coming from social media, search engines, referral sources, or direct visits.

4. Tag Assistant For Tag Analysis

Although a simple extension for digital marketing, Tag Assistant is still a very useful one. The extension analyzes Google tags for remarketing and Analytics purposes.

Tag Assistant can analyze tracking tags and also record sessions as a user makes a journey. It lets users verify whether or not your tags are working properly.

In case of any error with tags, the extension will tell you about it so that necessary corrections can be made.

5. Ninja Outreach

If you’re serious about your SEO ranking, just doing on-page SEO will not be enough. You have to invest a lot of energy into building links as well. And, while blogger outreach is one of the least favorite tasks for most webmasters, it’s necessary.

To make this task easy, you can use Ninja Outreach. An extension that will tell you all of the relevant e-mail addresses connected with a particular domain. After finding relevant sites, you can get their contact information and draft custom emails to ask for guest posting opportunities.

6. Free Backlink Checker By LRT

You may think that tool will tell you about the incoming links. But, it doesn’t. It actually analyzes all the outgoing links on a specific page. In short, it’s a link checker extension.

After running it through your site, you will get to know about all the live links and broken links which get highlighted in green and red respectively.

You can also export the link information in a CSV page or an XLSX file. The file will contain information such as anchor text, ‘rel’ attribute, and HTTP status so you can perform an in-depth analysis.

7. Fatrank

Fatrank is the next best tool for tracking site rankings after Ubersuggest. It allows you to find out where you rank for a particular keyword.

To check that, all you have to do is download this extension and install it. Then open it up and input whatever keyword you wish to check your rankings for.

8. Google PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension

Low site speeds are always bad for your site’s ranking. To keep an eye on the page speed, you can download and install Google PageSpeed Chrome Extension.

We know that people tend to bounce off quickly from slow-loading sites. That’s why with this extension you can keep a close eye on how well you’re doing in this department.

If you see a drop in the speed – you know it’s time to take corrective measures. You can even use it to check how quickly a site loads on mobile.

9. SEO Peek

This is the perfect Chrome extension for checking the on-page SEO health of your site. The tool checks the DOM of all pages which come from the HTML sources. And so, it will give you information such as headings, meta descriptions, meta news, page title, etc.

Bottom Line

All of these are the top 10 must-download Chrome Extensions that every digital marketer must get their hands on. They will make your life as a webmaster a ton easier.