7 Things To Do In France That Will Remain In Your Mind Forever

Eiffel tower at night

February 5th, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

France is a country that lives and breathes art, beauty, food, music, and everything that life has to offer. The place is a joy to behold, a magnificent sight that will stay in your memory for the rest of your living days.

There are a million reasons why so many tourists visit France every year, and the country totally justifies each and every one of those reasons. Paris, the city of love, is a fitting capital to this beautiful country.

Of the million reasons above, let us talk about seven of those. Read on to find out the top 7 things to do in France that will remain in your mind forever.


1. Visit The Eiffel Tower At Sunset

Eiffel tower at night

Perhaps the number one thing to do on every tourist’s list, the Eiffel tower is what represents France as a tourist destination, as a country of love, art, architecture, and all things beautiful.

Visiting the Eiffel tower at the time of sunset is probably the most beautiful sight that you’re going to lay your eyes on. Watching the gentle lighting go from a mild golden to rose-colored hues with the tower in the foreground is the stuff dreams are made of.


2. Go Skiing In The French Alps

The ski resorts of Chamonix, Trios-Vallees, and others are immensely popular all around, owing to the sheer experience that they provide. Rife with the best skiing and snowboarding gears that you can find.

These ski resorts are sure to provide you with one of the best skiing experiences that you’re going to have in your entire lifetime. Les Trois Vallees is the world’s largest ski resort, spanning over 600 square kilometers of skiing area.


3. The Cannes Film Festival

If you are visiting France at the end of May, and are a movie enthusiast, then make the most of it and attend the Cannes film festival. It is perhaps the world’s most renowned film festival and is one of the prime tourist attractions of the world.

Film stars and filmmakers from all around the world attend the event, so don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of some of the biggest names in the film industry!


4. Get To Know And Cook Classic French Cuisine

french cuisine

There is no France without its cuisine. The rural area of Burgundy probably offers the best experience of French cuisine that you can find, and while you’re there, don’t forget to try the most famous French dishes like escargot, Beef Burgundy and the Coq au Vin.

While you’re at it, enroll yourself in one-day cooking programs and get to experience the beauty of making mouth-watering French dishes first-hand. There’s just no alternative to making these beautiful French delicacies with your own hands, and then enjoying them with your loved ones!


5. Explore The City Of Paris And Its Old Quarters

Paris, France

Paris is the collector’s edition of cities. It houses some of the most beautiful architecture, art, and society that civilization has spewed up.

Neighborhoods like the Marais and the Quartier Latin are the best spots to experience what life in medieval times looked like. Visiting the Seine River and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame should be near the top of every tourist’s bucket list. Marais has some beautiful residences based on the renaissance times, with its fair sprinkle of high-society fashionable stores.


6. Saint Tropez And The Sailing Life

If you are all about the waters, then you just cannot pass up on visiting this French Riviera port city, which goes by the name of Saint Tropez. The harbors here are filled with luxury private yachts, and the experience of sailing on the Mediterranean is an exuberating one, perhaps unmatched by any other.

Motorboats and yachts are available for tourists to rent, with durations ranging from a single day, or a week, to maybe longer durations such as a month. The city of Saint Tropez, within itself, has so much more to do and see than just sailing and wandering the seas.


7. Go Shopping

Duty Free Shopping

You went to France and didn’t end up shopping? How dare you! The colorful markets of Provence are sure to take your breath away. Open air markets are a highlight of this city, with these markets being held at the city’s shaded public squares.

Arrive when the markets open, at around 8 am, for the best selection of products that France has to offer. Be sure to buy the signature sweets of Provence, the Calissons d’Aix, which are little almond candies in diamond shapes.