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15 Tools For Creating Engaging Social Media Videos, Images And GIFs In Minutes

Tools For Social Media Videos

January 25th, 2020   |   Updated on July 19th, 2021

Social media is the weapon that most marketers use to make a strong impression in the minds of their customers.

However, Social media is impactful only if your content is engaging enough. It goes without saying that the content style, visualization, and other parameters are crucial to be able to stand out.

Here we share with you 15 Tools for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos, Images, and GIFs in Minutes.

1. Lumen5

Price: Free Or $49 Per Month

If you want to convert your blog posts into videos you must contact Lumen5 for the same. They analyze what you have created and change it into a video storyboard that is engaging enough.

You are also given recommendations for images and videos relevant to the same. If required you may use the same and increase the quality of your platform.

2. BIGVU Teleprompter

Price: Free, $8.99 Per Month Or $49.99 Per Year

Often, we are recording videos and forget what we are talking about hence having to start all over again.

This problem can be solved using the BIGVU teleprompter as it displays your text and you can read and record your video side by side.

Along with their web editor allows you to add captions and change the background of the video as you want it to be.

3. Animoto

Price: $16 Per Month, $42 Per Month Or $64 Per Month (Annual subscriptions are up to 50 percent cheaper.)

In case you already have video clips and photos you may use this platform to create exotic slideshows out of them. In fact, you can use this tool to create square videos as well.

The storyboard created has a particular structure, style, and song. You just have to pick a storyboard, add your videos and photos to it and the work is done.

4. Rocketium

Price: Free, $19 Per Month, $49 Per Month, $149 Per Month Or Enterprise Pricing (Annual subscriptions are at the price of 10 months.)

The Rocketium platform helps you to create interesting videos for your social media and that too very quickly.

You have the choice of various orientations and it is easy to create your video as per any of them. Once you have done that Rocketium resizes your present media files and captions to make the video that you are looking for.

5. Animaker

Price: Free, $12 Per Month, $25 Per Month Or $49 Per Month (Annual Subscriptions Are Slightly Cheaper.)

If you are looking for an animated video to fulfill your requirement then come to Animaker. Even if you have no clue about how an animated video is created you can choose from amongst the 40 different formats available.

Most of them have the music and style in place you just need to add the content and the video is created.

6. Anchor

Price: Free

The anchor can easily be called the social platform, especially for audios. You may get to make videos and audios especially targeted to social media platforms. The content can be edited and the video created is short enough to attract customers.

7. Canva

Price: Free, $12.95 Per User Per Month Or Enterprise Pricing

Canva is widely popular as it helps in creating images, quotes, stories, and infographics. It has a huge collection of templates that you get to choose from. In fact, you will find a large collection of graphic templates just only for social media content.

8. Crello

Price: Free (With Some Design Elements At $0.99)

Crello is also on the same lines as Canva just the variety of design templates that are offered is way high.

A vast collection of 10,000 free design templates, 11,000 design templates, and 65 million stock images are all for you to choose from. It also gives an inspiration section in case you do not want to invest much time in thinking.

9. Adobe Spark

Price: Free (With Branding That Can Be Removed For A Limited Time)

A free tool it works well along with the Canva tool. It has features like color pallets, resizing and style suggestions. You can use their styles feature to pick up a different template for your graphics requirement.

10. Stencil

Price: Free, $9 Per Month Or $18 Per Month Free (With Some Design Elements At $0.99)

Good for images, stories and quotes the stencil is a platform that aids in the creation of social media graphics extremely quickly. You can use its browser extensions to select images from your laptop and change them accordingly. Use free to use images as they are readily available just know that you need to give credit.

11. Piktochart

Price: Free, $15 Per Month Or $29 Per Month (Annual Subscriptions Are 17 Percent Cheaper.)

If infographics are what you are looking at then Piktochart is something you can trust. You get around 4000 icons and images and that obviously gives you an advantage. Use the tool to make Infographics, presentations, charts, and graphs. If need be copy content from one to another.

12. Infogram

Price: Free, $25 Per Month, $79 Per Month, $149 Per Month Or Enterprise Pricing (Annual Subscriptions Are Up To 24 Percent Cheaper.)

Another one for infographics it has 35 types of charts, 500 maps and a huge collection of images and icons for you to choose from. To use the platform effectively upload your own data. Once you do that the chart will be created on its own and you may just have to edit the same as per your need.

13. GIPHY Capture

Price: Free

GIF’s are fairly interesting and good to grab attention too. GIPHY Capture is your tool to be able to do so. You must be having a video at your disposal just change the size of the recording area. Later press the record button and your GIF would be created. It is as simple as that.

14. Gifs.Com

Price: Free Or $7.99/month To Remove The Watermark

This one is also suitable for creating GIF’s and you can even add effects to the same. Captions, stickers, padding everything can be added to the GIF you just need to decide how you want the same to be done. There is an auto-Gif feature as well that saves a lot of your time.

15. Typorama

Price: Free, $4.99 To Remove The Watermark Or $5.99 To Unlock Everything

Create some amazing graphics using this platform. You may create graphics as per whether it is for an Instagram story or a Facebook post. Use the same to make stories, posts, and images and that too quite easily.



Social media presence is essential for any brand to succeed in the long run. However, attention is grabbed by using enticing visuals and content.

The above-mentioned tools are suitable to help you do so. Just decide in hand how and what kind of content you require and pick up one that you think would be helpful.

Most of them come at attractive package costs and if you take their paid membership you get features that are very helpful. Some of the platforms come free but then the features offered may not help you make much headway.