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February 4th, 2020   |   Updated on April 28th, 2021

Watching movies and TV shows online is the latest fad that has captured the people’s fascination for long.

This is primarily because it offers you the convenience of watching them at any place and at any time. However, this also means that these sites are always on the radar of Government laws.

One such website is Watch Series Proxies ( ) and that has had to face the brunt of government’s rules and regulations. Many users are finding it difficult to access the website as it has been banned from several countries accusing it of copyright infringement.

In case you have been among those who have been using the website for curbing their TV viewing cravings it could be a big setback to not be able to do that now.

The website watchseries is very easy to navigate and use. Its interface can be understood by novices too and thus the loss of being able to view it is a big put off.


The search engine that you find on the website is highly accurate. If you put any search query into it the results would be revealed soon and they would be as per your understanding.

You only need one BitTorrent client downloaded on your computer to be able to access the watchseries website.

Unfortunately, the Government has banned the website from being accessed in many places. This has led to many people feeling dejected as they can no longer watch their favorite TV shows and movies online.

However, the problem is not as big as it seems. There are multiple proxies that allow you to keep watching watch series online without any hassles. These have the same content as the original website but only with different domains.

You can always use them to be able to watch your favorite TV online. The proxies that we are talking about are maintained by watch series staff and those volunteers who just cannot do without this website.

Their main aim is to keep providing watchseries access to those members who are feeling sad with the original website now not being there.

Side by side these people also make sure that the content is being updated like before. This means that you do not need to feel that you are being left out and would not get the Even if the main website has been blocked you can use these proxy websites to keep watching as per your mood.

How You Can Unblock

There is a fixed method to be able to unblock the website. You would have to be a little careful as there is always the chance of being caught. Follow the below-mentioned steps to take care of the same.

TOR Browser

The onion router browser or TOR is like a group of individual networks that help in unblocking the torrent sites.

An advantage of using it is that it works anonymously without anyone getting any idea about it. It works on a similar pattern like a VPN and can be trusted. You can download the same without any problems.


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VPN is another secure method that you may use to access the proxies. Proxy sites do not come with security and might be easily tracked however if you use a VPN your chances of getting discovered are reduced.

Once you have downloaded the VPN you must run the software. After that, you may pick up any of the proxy websites and watch it with ease.

No one would be able to detect that you have been able to figure out a way to delve into the trick of watching online.

Watch Series Alternatives


These days people like to catch up on their favorite TV shows while they are traveling or not at home. Until now it was easy to do thanks to the watchseries website but it is now being banned from everywhere.

In such a situation using the proxies and mirrors would help you to watch online TV. Apart from that, you may also use other websites with similar content available to fulfill your desire to binge-watching.

There are many such websites that allow you to view great content and that too free of cost. This makes them an easy alternative to watchseries though it is still the most loved website.