10 Best eCommerce Platforms And Software For 2021

Website & Ecommerce Software

May 30th, 2019   |   Updated on April 12th, 2021

In the last few years, E-commerce has become a sensation in itself. More and more people are opening their websites and the choice they offer to the customers is also immense.

So much so that people have stopped flocking to retail stores and are stuck on their laptops instead. However, getting an e-commerce website is not easy but if you choose the right software you can do so comfortably.

Here we present to you the 10 best website and e-commerce software that you can use if you want to venture into the field. You can see a distinct comparison of all of them and then decide which one is going to be suitable for your requirements.

With our analysis, you would know which software works best for which type of website and then making a choice is as easy as can be.


1. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing

With HubSpot Marketing Free, you’ll have everything you need to convert more visitors into leads. You’ll be up and running in just minutes.

  • Built-in analytics make it easy to learn which pages, offers, and traffic sources are driving the most conversions.
  • See how many times leads visit before they buy, spot trends in how visitors navigate your site, and use those insights to drive more conversions.

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Review: FinancesOnline

HubSpot Marketing is an advanced system that brings all of your marketing efforts together, and helps your team grow traffic and increase conversions. You can use its drag-and-drop functionality to design and modify beautiful websites without asking your IT team for assistance, and make sure all pages are responsive regardless of the device used by your visitors.

In a nutshell, you can create attractive and highly personalized landing pages for your campaigns, and distribute both static and dynamic HTML messages that can invoke the response you expect. To ensure that all your data is taken into account, HubSpot Marketing will help you design workflows as you need them, prepare and format content for publishing, and integrate information from other system without any coding experience.

Once you’ve designed your website, HubSpot Marketing helps you prepare and optimize attractive content, and distribute it among the right audiences. The system provides a variety of SEO and social suggestions for you to share content with the right influencers and audiences, and drive traffic with little to none coding skills. What is really specific about it is the possibility to create engaging calls-to-action, and to personalize messaging to meet the specific needs of your visitors.

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2. Wix


Wix is an Israeli cloud-based web development platform that was first developed and popularised by the Israeli company also called Wix. It allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools.

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Review: PCMag

If you want to get a website online with a minimum of effort and a maximum of creative latitude, look no further than Wix. Its interface is the most intuitive, slick, and powerful of the growing group of website-building services we’ve tested. It offers standout features such as online storage for your site assets, cool video backgrounds, animations for titles, and mobile apps. A free account option, a gallery of third-party widgets for your site, and strong blogging and commerce features round out this Editors’ Choice website builder. As if that weren’t enough, the new Wix Code feature lets novices and programmers alike build dynamic web applications.

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3. 123FormBuilder


123FormBuilder helps you create any type of web forms & surveys without coding skills. Once your online form is created, you can publish it on your website and share on social media platforms, as easy as 1-2-3.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: I was hesitant to use any form that I needed to pay for, but this actually has become a go-to form builder for many of my projects. From obtaining leads, to registration and accepting payments, 123FormBuilder does it all at a decent price. It also helps that the forms look nice on any website page it’s embedded in.

Cons: I do think some of the limitations vs cost could be adjusted, but if you are collecting money from your endeavors and using the freemium version, you should be okay.

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4. Pairaphrase


Pairaphrase brings professional translation technologies to business users. Its a web-based translation management system for enterprises will improve your organization’s human translation process. Whoever translates for your organization will now spend less time translating and more time being productive, all while protecting your company’s data.

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Review: FinancesOnline

Pairaphrase is a reliable platform that offers faster and very accurate translation solutions without compromising the security of your documents and your company. Translation is very easy with Pairaphrase as all you have to do is upload your content into the system’s translation wizard and let Pairaphrase do its thing. Once you’ve sent the files you want translated, the engine then whips up your translations.

After a quick review and revision, Pairaphrase automatically learns your words and phrases. This enables the system to create more accurate translations the next time you use it. Once you are done with your revisions, all you need to do is download the document in the format that you prefer. Security is not an issue as Pairaphrase does not share or index your data, ensuring the safety of your information and your business.

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5. Promo

Easily create professional videos with the intuitive Promo Editor. Promote your business in the most creative way. No experience needed.

Customize premium video templates tested to work online. Footage, copy and pre-edited soundtracks included. Simply add your logo.

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Review: ProductHunt

Promo is the easiest video maker on the market. Finally any business can create consistent quality marketing videos in less than 5 minutes. 1. Choose footage from our catalog of over 3.5 million premium clips (or add your own), 2. add professionally-edited music tracks from our library. 3. finalize with your message and logo. Done!

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6. Zoho Checkout

Zoho Checkout

Collecting payments online just got simpler. Zoho Checkout is designed with you in mind. Build a custom, branded payment page in a matter of minutes and start accepting payments right away.

Build a secure payment page without writing a single line of code. Zoho Checkout handles the coding and hosting so you don’t have to.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: I like that they do have a free version so you can at least see what you are getting and if their solution will work for you without having to commit any money. The biggest pro is how easy and fast it is to not only setup recurring payments, but also to manage them and your services. Customizing the checkout process to closely match your site is also a huge plus.

Cons: I wish that the free version of the service covered a bit more than it does, and the lack of 24/7 tech support is troublesome at times, however, they still have 24/5 support standard so that helps.

Overall: A fast, simple and affordable solution to not only accepting payments, but recurring payments as well.

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7. Yusp


Yusp is a cloud-based personalization and recommendation engine powered by machine learning algorithms, designed for small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses. Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Magento are supported, alongside custom-built online stores.

Recommendations are fully automated and can be generated for store home pages, category pages, product pages, and cart pages. Personalized recommendations can be displayed to returning visitors, and used to upsell products and increase average order values. Additional features include predictive search with product recommendations and personalized email marketing.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: Yusp worked well as an integrated tool with my Shopify account. I was able to more easily access and predict market data for my store.

Cons: It took a little while to learn the system and to become comfortable with the way that it operated, but that is normal.

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8. Loomly

with Loomly, you can manage all your social media calendars from your Dashboard. Each calendar is only one click away. Plus, you get notified every time someone in your team updates or comments on a piece of content, with email & push notifications.

Loomly gives you post ideas, based on trending topics, RSS feeds, date-related events and social media best practices.

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Review: FinancesOnline

Loomly is a straightforward social media calendar tool that helps social media managers compose posts and schedule them. The application is for freelancers, agencies, and brands that want to have a smoother internal workflow for crafting and posting social media updates.

With Loomly, users have access to tools that let them optimize their posts. These give them the means to reach a wider spectrum of audience and allow them to analyze how their statuses, tweets, and posts are performing.

Moreover, Loomly makes certain that team leaders are always aware of their members’ activities. The solution takes note of modifications and other updates and alerts the manager through email and push notifications. This way, they can immediately respond in case an issue arises.

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9. Vaave


Vaave is a one-stop solution for all your alumni networking needs. Our interactive alumni portals come with all the features required to manage your alumni relations seamlessly while keeping your alumni engaged & happy.

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Review: G2

What Do You Like Best?

The feature of sending personalised bulk mails as well process of verifying and accepting newly registered members

What Do You Dislike?

Should have provision of group the register members only by industry, roles or nature of work, currently its showing for all available members i.e. registered as well as unregistered

What Business Problems Are You Solving With The Product? What Benefits Have You Realized?

Its a good platform to bring all alumnus under one roof. We can have an exact idea that where our students get placed so that we can work and set new goals to our programmes.

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10. Orchestly


Automate, manage, and optimize your business workflows with our code-free workflow management software.

Whether you need to manage contracts, procure raw materials, organize business travels, handle vendor payments, onboard employees, publish content, or more, Orchestly has you covered.

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Review: Software Advice

Orchestly is a workflow automation solution that helps automate, manage, and optimize business processes. It lets users monitor daily workflows with the help of common blueprints and reports to manage team coordination and eliminate silos.

The platform enables users to evaluate team performance with the help of reports and assign tasks to teammates. Primary features of Orchestly include SLA, third party app notifications, widgets, blueprints, reports and job tracking and customizable blueprints. The solution lets users access their favorite apps as widgets and attach relevant files to the respective workflows to eliminate confusion.

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