4 Things To Renovate When You Buy A Dated House

Dated House

September 9th, 2018   |   Updated on June 8th, 2021

There are so many ways you can get own your home. One of the more budget-friendly options is to purchase an old home—the kind that isn’t historically relevant, but also not very modern.

Some people like the overall set up of the house, but most consider these homes something they hope to renovate. The low price of the house and land was to make space for the renovation costs.

When renovating your house, it is easy to get carried away with all the changes you want to make. However, if you’re going to renovate on a budget, there are vital parts you want to focus on to maximise the impact at the minimum price.

1. New Paint Job

You suck at painting houses! from r/anime

A new interior or exterior paint job does wonders with creating a new image and feel. Prepping for the paint job also allows you to double check the state of the walls under the layers or paint or wallpaper.

If your house is in a damp or humid area, you might find things that you want to fix like a poor patch job or moulds.


2. New Floors

Ripped up the old carpet in our finished attic only to discover a hodge podge of patch work on the original floor. Looking to install new hardwood. Looking for ideas on color of the new floor. Thanks! from r/interiordecorating

Creaky wooden floors or stained carpet, it all has to go. You do not know the history behind the mess. The damp spot might have seeped under the rug and damaged the floor under it.

Similar to the paint job, replacing the floors is an opportunity to check for any health or safety hazards. Replace them with vinyl wood flooring and create a space that is modern, easy to clean, and flexible with all sorts of styles.


3. New Bathroom Fixtures

Anyone know how to replicate this, uh, bathroom fixture? from r/ffxivhomeandgarden

Changing your bathroom fixtures like the tub, shower, toilet, and sinks are not a must. They are expensive to replace and are meant to stay for a long time.

Replacing or upgrading parts of the bathroom is more for you to enjoy your routine.

Old tiles, rusted faucets, and chipped countertops are constant reminders of how old the place is. Changing them is not just to enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing space, but it also adds value to your home.

A new toilet may also be needed if the one in the house now is too old or has too many problems to fix. Consider an upflush toilet with a built-in macerating system to reduce the hassle and cost of installation. Toilets can be pricey, so make sure to offset some of the costs by choosing a water-efficient unit that will help you save more on your water bills in the long run.

If you decide to move out and sell it, the bathroom is a significant contributor to that new price tag.


4. New Cabinets

I inverted the colors of my kitchen. from r/malelivingspace

The kitchen is another selling point. New granite countertops might be too expensive, so settle for one with a more significant visual impact: the cabinets.

Depending on your kitchen, the cabinets could either wrap around the whole room or not. Sanding them down, painting a new stain, and adding new hardware is an excellent way to upgrade your set by making the most of what you have.

Dated homes are full of potential. You can work with what they give you and change it any way you like. With every small renovation, you are adding your personal touch.

When you look back at the new walls or floors, you know that it is because of the hard work you put into it.


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