What Are Some Of William Shakespeare’s Quotes On Love?

William Shakespeare Quotes on love

November 15th, 2017   |   Updated on March 27th, 2020

Famous quotes on Love by the true romantic, the most well known playwright in the world William Shakespeare.  Enjoy this selection of William Shakespeare love quotes that are sure to bring out the lover in you.

1. It Is Not In The Stars To Hold Our Destiny But In Ourselves.


2. The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth.


3. Love Looks Not With The Eyes, But With The Mind, And Therefore Is Winged Cupid Painted Blind.


4. I’ll Follow Thee And Make A Heaven Of Hell, To Die Upon The Hand I Love So Well

5. Love All, Trust A Few, Do Wrong To None.


6. The Stroke Of Death Is As A Lover’s Pinch, Which Hurts And Is Desired.


7. Faith, There Hath Been Many Great Men That Have Flattered The People Who Never Loved Them.


8. This Is The Very Ecstasy Of Love.


9. To Be, Or Not To Be, That Is The Question.

10. Is It Not Strange That Desire Should So Many Years Outlive Performance?



11. I Can Express No Kinder Sign Of Love, Than This Kind Kiss.


12. For Where Thou Art, There Is The World Itself, And Where Though Art Not, Desolation.

13. In Thy Face I See The Map Of Honor, Truth And Loyalty.


14. Having Nothing, Nothing Can He Lose.


15. Now Join Your Hands, And With Your Hands Your Hearts.


16. If You Have Tears, Prepare To Shed Them Now.


17. The Fault, Is Not In Our Stars, But In Ourselves.


18. My Love’s More Richer Than My Tongue.


19. It Is The Stars, The Stars Above Us, Govern Our Conditions.


20. Love Is A Familiar. Love Is A Devil. There Is No Evil Angel But Love


21. I Bear A Charmed Life.


22. Love Looks Not With The Eyes, But With The Mind, And Therefore Is Wing’d Cupid Painted Blind.


23. No Sooner Met But They Looked, No Sooner Looked But They Loved, No Sooner Loved, But They Sighed, No Sooner Sighed But They Asked One Another The Reason.

24. What’s In A Name? That Which We Call A Rose, By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet


25. Love All, Trust A Few, Do Wrong To None.


26. Love Comforter Like Sunshine After Rain.


27. And When Love Speaks, The Voice Of All The Gods Makes Heaven Drowsy With The Harmony.


28. A Kind Heart He Hath: A Woman Would Run Through Fire And Water For Such A Kind Heart.


29. The Lunatic, The Lover, And The Poet, Are Of Imagination All Compact.


30. Speak Low, If You Speak Love.


31. As Merry As The Day Is Long.


32. Some Cupid Kills With Arrows, Some With Traps.


33. I Love You With So Much Of My Heart That None Is Left To Protest.


34. I Will Wear My Heart Upon My Sleeve For Daws To Peck At.


35. Love Is A Smoke Made With The Fume Of Sighs.