The 10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Long Distance Relationship!

Long Distance Relationships

Updated on May 28th, 2018

Long-distance relationships are tough, there’s no way around that. Whether 45 miles or 4500 miles, distance can be one of the greatest challenges for any couple to overcome.

Distance can be tough, but it’s all about how you manage your relationship when your love is far away.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for long distance relationship to help their love last the miles.

1. Be Financially Responsible

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Long distance can be tough on the wallet and that means that you’re going to have to be extra careful about where you spend your dollars. Planning and budgeting become much more important when a few extra dollars a week mean the difference between seeing your sweetie or not this month; make sure that you’re spending brain power figuring out how to make this love last.


2. Don’t Put Money Above the Relationship

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With all of your scrimping and saving, it’s hard not to be intimidated by the value of a dollar. But if your relationship is on the line, you need to go out of your way to save and maintain it. Sometimes emergencies will come up and they will require you to do a little extra spending. Understand this, plan for it, and take the leap when you need to.


3. Talk Frequently

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Ensuring that you maintain your connection even while physically distant requires that you go out of the way to maintain your connection. Make certain that you’re scheduling the time to do some real talking every single day. If you miss a call, make up for it later and keep those communication lines flowing.


4. Don’t Avoid the Tough Stuff or difficult time

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Being apart can make you hesitant to bring up the issues that are bothering you in hopes that they will go away, or that you can talk about the in person when next you see each other. Simmering problems like this can enlarge them and make them into much bigger monsters than they were, to begin with so make sure that you’re addressing each individual issue as they come up. Schedule face-to-face via video chat if you feel that you need to look your SO in the eye when you say something but make sure that it gets said.


5. Be Romantic and surprises matters the most

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Distance gives you plenty of room to get creative with your romantic gestures. Even though you’re apart, you can still send flowers, write love letters, or arrange clever surprises for your SO that will remind them of how much you care. Ensure that you’re exercising your creativity frequently to leave little bits of you in their world.


6. Don’t Drift Apart

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A lack of face to face time can mean that you begin to allow the geographic rift to create a rift of the heart. Ensure that you’re doing everything you can to stay connected with your SO, even if this is inconvenient or difficult for you. Use technology to your advantage: face time, text, google hangouts, video skype, all of these tools can help you to reach across the distance and stay in touch with the one who has captured your heart.


7. Hobby Together

Hobby Together

Taking up a hobby is a real bonding experience and one that you can share across the miles. Just because you aren’t together to physically partake of the activity together doesn’t mean thatit can’t connect you in a deep and meaningful way. Try taking ballroom dance classes at the same franchise, but studios which are local to each of you. Try a new craft. Try a nnew activity. Whatever it is, it will give you something to discuss and will make you feel like you’re connected in your day to day lives.


8. Share your Feelings

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Joys and triumphs are easy to share, but fears and rough spots can sometimes be hard to talk about… especially over the phone. Remember that your feelings are an important way to bond with your SO and allow them to the darkest places of your heart; share openly and freely whether it’s a good day or a bad one.


9. Don’t act out of desperation

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Think through your decisions a thousand times before you act on them. Acting on desperation will only yield more desperation. If you’re desperate to get your partner to change, don’t threaten to break up with them when in reality it’s the last thing you want to do. If they agree to break up, you’ll feel even worse. Let your feelings to settle down before approaching them with any issue. Always try to see the logic behind escalated emotions.


10. Don’t play on their weaknesses

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Every day, you have the choice to play on your partner’s weaknesses or to reiterate their strengths. If you constantly bring up what they’re doing wrong, they’ll never feel motivated to do anything right. No relationship can improve under such negative energy. There are gentle ways to get your partner to understand what they should be doing differently, and constantly scolding them is not one of these methods.

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