15 Best Apps For Couples

Apps For Couples

October 11th, 2019   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Every day new couples meet and they start off their journey with the intention of building a forever together.

Nowadays, it is very easy for couples to neglect one another by focusing too much on social media apps and other entertainment found on technological gadgets.

As some say that there is an app for everything nowadays, you can also find apps specifically made for couples to make their bond stronger.

The development of apps has been a noble pursuit in many different sectors, including personal affairs such as relationships. These apps can help you build relationships in the virtual world and help maintain them.

Here are the 15 best apps for couples that you can use to better your relationship.

1. Love Nudge

Love Nudge serves to solve the problem of either party of a couple feeling pestered as it helps with communication in the relationship, encouraging healthy relationship habits. Couples can set goals for themselves, track their activities and also nudge activities they would like to do.

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2. Couple

Couple works best for those who love to celebrate milestones they reach as a couple, such as anniversaries. Using this app, couples can set reminders of special days and keep track of the days spent together.

Added benefits of this app, is that you can customize the lock screen of the device you’re using to have the abovementioned reminders.

3. TheIceBreak

TheIceBreak helps the ones apprehensive about starting a conversation with their partners. The app has questions that instigate a conversation and it is suitable for relationships of all types.

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4. Between

Between is a great app to capture the moment and store it safely on the cloud. It also has a private messaging board functionality where couples can exchange stickers and connect together. The best part about Between is that you can still have access to the files even when you switch phones.

5. Postagram

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For long-distance relationships, Postagram is the perfect solution to keep that love burning. With Postagram, couples can design cards with personalized messages and post them anywhere in the U.S, Canada and Europe. To design these cards, you can also use pictures found on Instagram, Facebook, or the camera roll of the device you’re using.

6. Couple Game

Couple Game makes it easier for couples to ask each other questions because it has a variety of questions that will make couples understand each other much better. Because it’s a game, the mood will be much lighter as you discover more about that significant other.

7. Couplete

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Couplete is the ultimate app for successful relationships and some of its core features are a calendar, diary and messaging board. It can also be used to track the number of days that the couple has been together. The app also has a wish list for each person. It gives the other an idea of what to buy on their anniversary or birthday.

8. Raft

Raft is designed for busy couples that have conflicting schedules because its features help them plan suitable times for both parties. With this app, the couple synchronizes their calendars and makes it easier for them to see which night is free for a date. To free up time for a date, you can ask bestessays review to work on your essay.

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9. Kindu

It is often a hard subject for new relationships to discuss their sexual desires with their partners. To help with that, Kindu helps promote open discussion about this matter and gives off a few ideas itself. The results of using Kindu are an interesting sex life that leads to a long-lasting relationship.

10. Sesame


Sesame works best for non-creative people in relationships because it has thoughtful gift boxes for couples. Those boxes can be used for anniversaries, birthdays, or any other important days.

Ship those boxes to the specified address or even at a workplace to make the day great for that significant other.

11. Pathshare

Pathshare is a handy tool in relationships for quite a few reasons. The first one is that you don’t have to stress about the whereabouts of your partner as this app tracks the real-time location of the set device. The second reason is that you can know the estimated time of arrival for a date or other activities.

12. DateNight

DateNight is the best app for couples that can’t easily brainstorm fun ideas for date nights. There are suggestions for fun games and activities that can be done as a couple, bringing them closer.

DateNight helps prevent boring date nights that can create a divide between some couples. Curb this problem threatening relationships by downloading DateNight.

13. Loklok

Loklok is a great app with the core feature of uniting couples by sharing the same lock screen. They can use different pictures and whenever there is a note or a cute message they would like to leave, there is a whiteboard feature to write on. Loklok replaces the use of fridge magnets and is a great method to keep couples smiling all day.

14. Fix A Fight

Arguments are unavoidable things in a relationship and the most important thing to do whenever couples argue, is to make up.

However, because of pride or blaming the other, this process may take forever. Fix A Fight helps couples make up by giving insightful advice and calming exercises to mend fences.

15. SimplyUs

simplyus app

SimplyUs is intended for couples that often find themselves in sticky situations of doing items on the to-do lists twice. To solve that problem, you can see what your partner has done on the to-do list and then move on to other outstanding points. You can also text with each other on this app whenever you are away.


Managing a relationship and work affairs has never been this easy with apps like these. Couples can synchronize their calendars to work around busy schedules and for the less creative, there are apps that have ideas to make date nights interesting.

Some help with breaking the ice and communicating within a relationship. All of these apps make life easier in one way and downloading the ones you need the most can help a lot.