5 Reasons You Need To Archive Your Website

Archive Your Website

Published on May 24th, 2019

Most of us insure our apartment, our car, and our life. Why do you do so? It is to safeguard against future problems, losses, and possible hazards. Mostly because you don’t know where life would take you and what the future holds.

So, if an individual cannot know where and what can go wrong, a company, an employee and a business leader cannot know either. It becomes pivotal for them to ensure that all their company data, documents, and records remain safe and stored.

Every company today has their own website, social media accounts, and digital marketing strategies. A small start-up or a large business empire, everyone prioritizes the online presence and develop content to engage the online audience. So much effort, so much valuable information that it certainly becomes vital to insure them too.

How to do so? Archiving! Archiving is what one would call a simple hack to insure your valuable content from any future technological or data crisis. But before you plan to archive website, read here some of the ways web archiving can save the day.

Archive Your Website

1. Legal compliance

With various legal acts and regulations making mandatory provisions for data and online regulations, it becomes vital for companies to be compliant and avoid being fined by the law. Any damage which can lead to long-term losses at the legal front or can happen by not following rules by regulators like SEC, FINRA, FDA, FTC. FDA, HIPAA. FERC. IIROC, NRC should be avoided by web-archiving. In fact, web-archiving is the best way for protection irrespective of your firm time, IT, finance or even consulting.


2. Preservation Of Information

Web archiving is an authentic way to preserve all corporate web presence. It not only reduces manual work but also keeps data stored for any future use. In fact, any sort of information is not useless and knowledge is power. You don’t need to rely on websites to store data for you or try to find something you had posted or noticed a week back.

Considering the amount of content online, preserving is always better as compared to searching when the need arises. Also, having replays or live access to anything on the web after viewing it once and scrolling past it becomes almost next to impossible with the infrastructure of the internet. It is always better to have precautions over cures.


3. Safeguards Against Litigation

Litigation can be expensive, especially with trial and processing costs. Litigation is known to reduce a company to its feet and draw out all possible savings of a brand.

Web-archiving is very similar to recording transactions in your book of accounts. It gives you a record of all your online activities with systematic access and all-time security. This is a lifesaver during any legal problems.


4. Evidence Procurement

With litigation and any possible legal proceedings that a company might have to face, it becomes the company’s responsibilities to save time for their lawyer’s and provide them with any evidence that could be used for defense.

Considering the number of cyber crimes, online blame games, and plagiarism scams, web-archiving ensures that a company has all its original content in one place for any legal processes. You can easily search, reduce time wastage and have control over your data.


5. Building Intelligence Network

Competition is what makes business interesting and difficult. You need to analyze your competitor’s performance, compare it with your own and work on your company strategies accordingly.

Web archiving not only gives you control and access to your own data for analysis but also collects your competitors’ information via social media posts, comments and likes.

You also get easy checks on historical events and marketing activities. In fact, this makes the job of the digital marketing staff and data analysts easier and fruit bearing.

Archiving is a go-to, safe and realistic option for the 21st century. All said and done, don’t miss out on this vital service.