The Best Apps For Pleasure – International Online Platforms That Deserve Your Attention

Best Apps That Deserve Your Attention'
Written by Vasilii Dmitriev

April 19th, 2020   |   Updated on June 5th, 2020

The wide range of amusement websites, games, applications, and other digital products brings new challenges for modern Internet surfers – what entertainment platform to choose? Online reading, video streaming, masterclasses, webinars are available for free.

Willing users should think about Internet connection beforehand and stock up on time.

It is difficult to pick sides if you have no idea what kind of entertainment is waiting for you online.

Let’s take a look at all accessible variants that are classified according to their thematic, function sets, age groups, mode of use, etc.

You will see that there are numerous ways for self-development and excellent ideas for fun.

A Top-List For Movie Enthusiasts

One of the most popular ways of home-based entertainment is watching films.

If you are a real movie fan, pay attention to the top-ranking websites and applications with unlimited video content.

It is worth noting that most online media platforms have both desktop and mobile versions for the maximal level of users’ comfort.

We recommend taking into consideration cross-functional ones that are considered international favorites:

  • Netflix – an all-in-one online platform for real movie enthusiasts. The big choice of films of various genres, online video streaming, new episodes of the best TV serials – all these facts are about Netflix.
  • Hulu – American project with astonishing media production. It is controlled by the Walt Disney corporation. The high-quality movies, live TV show broadcasting, a great assortment tool for film searching are available for subscribers.
  • Prime Video – an online platform owned by Amazon with free access for standing customers and an exceptional option to download films of interest for watching them on go. Prime Video is one of the high-demand in the USA.

All top-3 platforms have 14-30 days of a free trial, multilanguage interface, various forms of subtitles, and more than 10 million subscribers.

Choose the most optimal for your Movie Night and plunge into the world of horror films, romantic comedies, serials, anime, thrillers or another genre!

Must-Have Apps For Great Talkers

Best Apps For Pleasure

Messengers become the prime way of communication for millions of people.

Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram applications are installed on every second smartphone.

Social networks also include options for messaging and video chatting.

Massagers simplify working interactions, bring people near to each other even continents divide them among.

Such applications are used for entertainment as well.

If you are going to make friends or find a companion for warm talking, install the Instagram app, Facebook messaging application or choose another social network for online collaboration and be active.

Send “likes” to people that have attracted you, offer them friendship.

There are multifunctional websites like Badoo, Nearby, and others where most options aim to get new users familiar with others.

Somebody needs constant communication with the opposite sex because of low-level assertiveness.

If you want to improve the sense of self-sufficiency, find faithful admirers on the best sex sites.

Here users are open-minded, talkative, and prodigal in compliments.

If you have a spouse or a follower who sympathizes with you much, try video calls for private sessions. Skype, ChatMe, Zoom, FaceTime will be appropriate.

Must-have Apps For Great Talkers

When an exhausting working week comes to an end, the only wish is to stay at home doing nothing.

If you dislike surfing the net, tired of reading magazines and books, entertain yourself with exciting games. Play on your own and tackle stress that was headed up during the hard week.

There are various variants for PC, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

You can choose either online games or install it for offline playing. Our list of the most popular games contains shooters, arcades, strategies, and puzzles.

Maybe you will not find your favorite there because you like other genres.

Nevertheless, when you are bored, everything will come in handy. So, the international well-liked ones are:

  • Call of Duty – a shooter (FPS game);
  • Asphalt 9 – an arcade game;
  • Northgard – a strategy game;
  • Tetris Online Premium – a block puzzle;
  • Sudoku Kingdom – an online library of puzzles.


Our active lifestyle drains all our strengths. Recharge your energy with a good rest.

Laying on the sofa, sitting in front of the computer, gazing into smartphones, we entertain ourselves as we want.

Choose any online platform for your purposes and restore your resources for new achievements!

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