8 Signs That You Need To Buy A New Mattress

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November 5th, 2019   |   Updated on February 1st, 2023

Anyone who has suffered from sleep deprivation can tell you that quality sleep is extremely important to daily functioning.

Without quality regular sleep, you will feel tired and lethargic, irritable, confused, develop a weak immune system, and have problems with memory and cognition.

One major cause of poor sleep is having a poor mattress. Sure, you might have the best sheets, pillows, and comforters, but if the core of the bedding is bad, then the whole experience will be.

That’s why choosing the best mattress for your needs is important. Good mattresses do more than just make you comfy. A good mattress reduces pressure on your back and keeps you cool and dry during the night.

The question is “When should you buy a new mattress?”

Don’t worry! Down below are 8 signs that you need to replace your old mattress

1. Sagging

The most visible indication that it’s time to replace it if your mattress starts sagging in the middle. All mattresses will eventually sage over time so sagging is kind of like the universal death rattle for all kinds of mattresses.

Even a minor sag of 1 or 2 inches can mean your mattress has lost its main structural integrity. This especially bad for people with sleep disorders such as back pain for sciatica.

2. Body Impressions

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This is a problem most often seen with memory foam mattresses. The key feature behind memory foam is that it is supposed to remember your body’s shape and sleeping position.

Memory foam should mold to fit your body, but only to a certain extent. After some time, you may notice your mattress does not spring back to original shape when you get up.

Over time, the fibers in memory foam break down and lose their springiness, which means less support for your back.

3. Too Hard

Along with being too soft, being too hard is another sing your mattress is old and ready to go. This problem tends to happen the most in spring mattresses as the metal springs lose their malleability and begin to rust.

Memory foam mattresses can also become rigid and inflexible if they are stored in cold tight spaces.

4. Lumps

Mattress interiors should shift around a bit to accommodate your body moving around, but after a while, you may start to notice interior padding bunching up to form lumps.

Lumps are bad because they prevent your weight from being evenly distributed which can wreak havoc on your legs, back, and neck.

5. Dust And Other Allergens


Beds are, unfortunately, a breeding ground for mold and bacteria and tend to accumulate dust over time. If you have allergies then these allergens can cause irritation while you sleep.

If you notice yourself sneezing a lot while lying in bed or you frequently wake up with a stuffy nose or skin rash, then your mattress may be to blame.

Most of the time a dusty mattress can be solved with a thorough cleaning, but if it’s past a certain point your best bet is to buy a new one.

6. Pain

One thing sleep does is help recover from injuries and other physical stressors. So if you frequently wake up in more pain then when you went to sleep, then your mattress situation may need some work.

Old mattresses lose the support and cushion for sensitive areas of the back and neck. The result is that the mattress causes pain instead of alleviating it.

7. You Have A Partner

Say you and your partner have different sleeping habits. They may be fine with the current mattress but you have serious problems with it.

In the name of compromise, buying a new mattress may be the best option; one that accommodates both of your sleep styles effectively.

8. Life Changes

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Sometimes your mattress may not have a problem but changing circumstances mean you have to get a new one. It could be that you recently sustained an injury, or recently gained/lost a significant amount of weight. Or it could just be you are moving to a smaller home and need to downsize your mattress.

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