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Memory Foam Mattress Or Orthopedic Mattress – Which One Should You Buy?

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May 29th, 2018   |   Updated on February 1st, 2023

An increasing number of people are complaining of not getting adequate sleep. While this is to a large extent due to our hectic lifestyles, we also don’t get enough sleep due to uncomfortable mattresses.

Experts suggest that a simple solution may be found in replacing your mattress to get better quality and length of sleep. Over its lifetime, a mattress continually loses its support and after a decade or so, you may discover that it has lost more than 70% of its original resilience.

While there is a very large variety of mattress available, it often boils down to a choice between memory foam and orthopedic mattresses, especially if you suffer from back pain. Some tips on a better mattress selection.


Memory Foam – What Is It and Is It Any Good?

Memory foam mattresses have a well-deserved reputation for delivering a high degree of support and comfort because of their ability to conform to the shape of the body without sagging and returning to being a flat surface after the sleeper gets off.

Though over time, they have become more affordable, there are still concerns with some varieties regarding their warm feel and unhealthy chemical fumes.

Some sleepers have also complained that the ability to stick closely to the body makes them feel trapped in the mattress. If you are experiencing advanced sleep phase syndrome, a new memory foam mattress could bring considerable relief.

Orthopedic Mattresses – What Are They

The basic purpose of manufacturing orthopedic mattresses is to give better support to the body, the bones, and joints that are required by people who are suffering from injuries of the back or have problems of the joints and backache arising out of issues of spinal alignment.

Orthopedic mattresses can be made out of a variety of materials, including memory foam. These mattresses may also have inner-springs laid out in a variety of configurations like pocket springs, open springs, or connected rows of springs.

The spring arrangement influences the behavior of the mattress so you should make sure that the mattress you finally buy suits your requirement.

Even though orthopedic mattresses are significantly costlier than memory foam mattresses, they can be very good investments as normally they last far longer than other mattresses and deliver superior performance ensuring proper relaxation of the body and enhanced sleep quality.

For reasons of comfort and feel, you may like to combine an orthopedic mattress with a topper made out of cotton or natural materials like bamboo or goose down.



For most people, a memory foam mattress will be good enough for restful sleep. There is a wide variety available at virtually every price point though spending a decent amount of money will get you a mattress that will perform better and last longer.

Orthopedic mattresses, being significantly more expensive, should ideally be considered when they are required to address specific health issues. Of course, if money is not a consideration, you can go the whole hog and choosing the right Mattresses a really good orthopedic mattress and a comfortable topper for years of satisfying use.

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