Ikea Mattress Reviews And Why They Can Be Beneficial

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December 17th, 2019   |   Updated on February 1st, 2023

Ikea mattresses are produced by the Swedish company Ikea and are reputed to be very good products. If you would like to shop around for your ideal mattress, you can check out Ikea mattress reviews and learn what others are saying about these products first. You might be pleasantly surprised by how nicely (or badly) the products are described.

Why Ikea Mattress Reviews Are Beneficial

You can look online for Ikea mattress reviews because you would like to know well in advance about the good, the bad and the neutral points of view about the products.

This will help you to shop for the best Ikea mattress that you might need right now, without committing a single cent.

What To Look For In Ikea Mattress Reviews

There are common parts to all Ikea mattress review to bear in mind:

  • Pricing – Ikea mattresses are supposed to be very affordable, which is a positive for many shoppers who might be on a strict budget. So be sure to examine pricing when you read through reviews.
  • Product Features – This includes the product name, the characteristics of the product, and the user demographics that the product was designed for. This is more important than pricing actually because you want to know if you’ll be able to sleep comfortably on the mattress you buy online.
  • Warranty Duration – You can check out the length of time you can be using your newly-purchased Ikea mattress but still be able to claim the warranty, in case the product has some factory defects.
  • Special Features – some Ikea mattresses come with unique features that may justify their pricing. For example, some mattresses may have both memory foam and latex components which may appeal to some people who have medical needs.
  • Positive/Neutral/Negative Comments – This is where those who have reportedly used Ikea mattresses make their impressions felt. Some do like Ikea mattresses a lot but others may comment that the products are deficient in one aspect or another. Others may have simply neutral comments because they don’t experience benefits or demerits about product performance at all.

Are Ikea Mattress Reviews Trustworthy?

Ikea Mattress Reviews_

This is a good question to ask because the reviews you can come across online are subjective impressions of other people (who are strangers actually).

So you may need to take their comments with a grain of salt because you have no idea what their motivation is by making such comments.

For all you know, the reviews could be biased or even the work of competitors of the Ikea company. The people making these reviews might just dislike Ikea and want a chance to torpedo the company’s growth by making negative comments online.

At the same time, negative comments in these reviews might be totally truthful, meaning they may save you a huge purchase that doesn’t deliver on its promises.

These reviews could identify flaws in the Ikea products that bear watching – and may even convince you to back off and avoid Ikea products altogether.

Read Multiple Reviews Before Buying

To figure out whether Ikea reviews are good, you can compare multiple reviews from different online sources. This will help you spot commonalities among the 15 different mattresses produced by Ikea.

For example, if a huge majority of the reviews about the memory foam mattresses talk about defects (like sagging after some months of use) then maybe that’s not the right purchase to make.

On the other hand, if many reviews point out that they sleep much better after buying their own Ikea mattress then you may want to check out that product too.


It may seem like a good idea to read through some Ikea mattress reviews online to find out more about the products.

The benefit of reading such reviews first before buying is that you can discover aspects of the products that may either appeal to you or turn you off the idea of buying.

If the review is negative, this may save you the costs of buying an Ikea mattress and having it shipped to your home. A positive review would convince you to buy your own mattress because you are impressed by the accolades.

However, be sure that you are getting the right comments because these are the words of strangers.

You might need to take the comments with a grain of salt in case the comments were made by biased reviewers or by people with an ax to grind against the Ikea company. In the end, you make the final comment, if you buy your own Ikea mattress.

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