You Entitled To Get After You Become A Victim Of A Car Accident In Florida

Car Accident in Florida

Published on September 5th, 2019

Being involved in an accident in Florida can change your life forever. When you become a victim of a car accident, you will not be suffering from physical and psychological damage.

You will also suffer from extreme financial problems. The losses in your finances are instant, and they can have a massive impact on the rest of your life.

The Civil Court of the United States knows and understands the effects of an accident resulted from negligence. That is why it put up a system that dictates with compensation can the victim get after the crash.

If you talk to a Florida personal injury attorney, he will explain the compensation you can get under two different categories (based on Florida law):

The first one is Compensatory damages. This category is divided into economic and non-economic types.

What Do Economic Damages Include?

Economic damages are the costs and expenses you need to spend that are related to the accident. Some of the most common economic damages that a victim can get are:

Medical Costs

all the medical expenses that you need from the time of the accident should be part of this compensation package.  This package includes healthcare expenses, ambulance costs, follow up medical appointments, and over the counter prescription meds.  Also, if there is a need for future medical check-ups and operations, your Florida personal injury attorney can file for them too.

  • Physical Therapy And Home Health Care –

    Expenses for physical therapy and home health care can be part of the economic damages that you can seek.

  • Loss Of Current And Future Salary, Benefits, And Contributions For Retirement –

    The negligent party should pay for any wages, benefits, and contributions for retirement included in your contract that you will be losing after the accident.

  • Childcare Costs –

    If you are paying for your kid’s childcare services and the accident has made you unable to pay for it; you can also make the negligent party pay for it.

  • Damage To Property –

    Economic compensation includes the damage that your vehicle has suffered. Aside from the car, you should also include any damaged personal belonging during the car crash in the compensation package.

What Do Non-Economic Damages Include?

Car Accidents

Non-economic damages are the effects of the car accident that is more on a personal level. They include the following:

  • Suffering And Pain

    The physical pain you experienced and endured from the time of the accident until you recover, and lasting pain is part of the non-economical damage. The amount given to this type of injury is on a case-to-case basis

  • Deformity Or disfigurement

    these damages should be part of the compensation. These include loss of eyesight, limbs, hearing, fingers, or anything that changes the natural form of the body.

  • Mental Harm

    this type of damage is very personal. If you experience excessive stress and anxiety because of the accident, your personal injury attorney should include this in the compensation package. Stress from the trauma may typically be the root cause of a more severe problem like depression.

Being involved with a car accident is very unfortunate. That is why you need to get what you deserve if you are the victim of one’s negligence.

Because sometimes, it does not only impose physical and mental harm, it may also impair your financial capability for the rest of your life.