Chat Line Safety Tips : How To Be Safe In The Chat Rooms

Chat Line Safety Tips

July 24th, 2019   |   Updated on June 2nd, 2020

Chat lines are somewhat of a novelty to the world of online dating. They are an awesome way to meet local singles because it’s fun, fast, and easy! However, nothing in life is perfect and there are a lot of creeps in the world that use perfectly normal dating services to hurt others.

We can’t explain why these people spend their time doing this, but we can tell you the best ways to avoid a dangerous situation.

We spoke the chat line experts at Chatline Connect and have come up with a list of safety tips so that you know how to protect yourself from a potentially unsafe situation:

1. Take Your Time

Using a chat line can be very exciting and provocative. That nervous energy often translates between matches, making for an electric bond right from the start.

If you feel chemistry with your match, it can be very easy to fall prey to passionate blindness. For safety, we suggest taking your time.

We don’t think you should stifle your excitement; however, we do think that you should be aware of the fact that it can cloud your judgment. Awareness is key to maintaining your safety in the dating world as a whole.

2. Protect Your Privacy

Protect Your Privacy

When you have found a match, you’ll naturally want to get personal. Sharing secrets is how a lot of romantic partners connect on a deeper level.

What you choose to share is up to you, but we strongly urge you to protect certain aspects of your privacy.

Your address, certain social media pages, workplace, bank account numbers, etc. are all things that can make you very vulnerable when they are shared.

Keep your private information safe and guarded for a very long time when entering any sort of relationship.

3. Set Boundaries

Chat lines are designed to allow people to be themselves, have a great time, and feel totally comfortable.

You can’t control how another person may provoke or react to you; however, you can and should set boundaries if something begins to make you feel out of your element or uncomfortable in any way.

It can be the questions your match asks, the manner in which he/she speaks, etc. Know that your power and safety lies within your ability to either voice your concerns or cut someone off completely if they start to bother you.

4. Vet Their Socials

If your match provides you with their socials, be sure to check them out. Get creepy. We mean it! Go deep into their socials to see what kind of person he/she is.

Are their captions condescending, offensive, or disrespectful? Do they seem conceited? And, most importantly, do they make you feel unsafe? It’s important to keep track of any red flags you get from their social media in order to protect yourself.

5. Meet In Public

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We can’t stress this enough. While chat lines generally cater to people looking to hook up in a private place, it’s crucial to meet in public before anything moves indoors.

It gives you a chance to meet the person. If you maintain awareness, your body will signal you if the person you are meeting serves good or bad energy.

Trust that. Trust your gut and keep your guard up until you feel totally comfortable and safe.

6. Block People If Necessary

If someone on the chat line makes you feel upset or even gives you a fishy vibe, don’t be afraid to block them! Blocking the person will make sure that the creep is not able to get in touch with you anymore.

It should also make you feel safer to know that you have the option and the right to block anyone that you’d like to.

Now that you are armed with some safety tips, you should be able to feel if something is dangerous or unsettling in your gut.

At the core of all of this is really just trusting your instincts. They are there for a reason. If something feels dangerous, it probably is. If something creeps you out, it’s probably creepy.

No boundary is too strong when it comes to protecting yourself in the dating world, so don’t be afraid to jump ship if anything starts to feel off about the connection!