5 Reasons To Invest In Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

Published on November 17th, 2020

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are revolutionising corporate training. Technology is growing rapidly, at an unprecedented rate, but workers don’t seem to be keeping pace.

A 2018 research by Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider, Udemy, suggests that 84% of workers acknowledge a skill gap.

That’s one of the reasons why you should invest in a cloud-based learning management system. But there are more reasons that endorse this investment.

1. Organises E-Learning Content In One Central Location

Learning materials are scattered all around the web. Some are paid while others are free. But the problem is they’re scattered.

To create the best learning platform, you need to use an LMS. The system lets you store all of your learning materials in one place.

You can save everything from multimedia to handwritten notes. The cloud-based LMS enables your entire workforce to access these over the internet. Once purchased, your employees can have unlimited access to e-learning materials.

2. Enables Progress And Performance Tracking

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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” These are the golden words that remain true in every sector. It’s even worse if you keep doing the things that don’t work.

A cloud-based LMS allows you to administer, document, track, and report learners’ progress in the system. You can set up milestones for each learner and keep track of the progress.

You’ll be notified every time the milestone is achieved or not achieved. You can then make arrangements at your end to inspect why it was not achieved.

With this information, you can improve the course material, the study pace, or declare the learner unfit for the job. Visit website for more details on progress and assessment.

3. Cost-Effective Learning For All Employees

In this age, where the cost of education is growing and at an all-time high, companies are looking for ways to cut down the steep cost.

A Learning Management System doesn’t require a large hall or room to accommodate learners and educators.

Neither does it require conducting multiple sessions. Simply create once and deliver endlessly. This can significantly reduce the cost of upskilling and teaching your workforce.

4. Personalized Learning

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Delivering personalized learning to cross-functional teams is often a challenge. It is almost impossible to get everyone on the same page when members come from different backgrounds.

But a cloud-based LMS can deliver personalized content based on their profile and progress. The software is designed to provide diverse content to different users.

You can also create a social learning environment where team members can help each other out. It improves not only the learning experience but also the company culture.

5. Stay Compliant With Regulatory Bodies

Regulatory bodies set up standards for every organization to meet and maintain. If it’s non-compliant, your company may lose its business within the community.

And this compliance is also applicable to the workers. They are supposed to have the necessary skills and knowledge.

ISO 9001 is the best example that certifies that the company meets international standards.

This is not a one-time activity but a prolonged one. Therefore, with a cloud-based LMS, you can help your employees to stay compliant with regulatory bodies.

A cloud-based Learning Management System has many more benefits to both large and mid-sized organizations. Visit website to read success stories employers had with LMS.