Cloud VS On-Premise ITSM: Which Is Better?

Cloud VS On-Premise ITSM

Published on October 11th, 2019

When trying to choose an ITSM system for your office computers, you will often have to choose between a cloud system and one which is located onsite at your offices.

Both of these systems have their own advantages and disadvantages and they could each offer a different experience for your company. Which is better overall? Keep reading to find out.


On-Premise ITSM

As the name suggested, the on-premise ITSM is located either at your office or in a hosting site. The main point is that it does actually exist on a server instead of just being entirely on a cloud.

One of the major advantages of this is that a company who chooses to use this system will have full control of it.

When it comes to important aspects of IT control like security and access, the keys are fully in the hands of the business who owns it.

If you already have a dedicated IT department, they might prefer working with an on-premise service instead of a cloud as you fully own the on-premise software. They will be able to make any changes to it that they require.



Any software on the Cloud is not based at the site of our office or on a local private cloud. It might even be based in another country. The system is usually accessed through an internet browser on either a desktop or smartphone.

All updates to this are made by the company who owns the service and they are responsible for the maintenance of any services.

Such services are usually subscription-based instead of the flat fees of the on-premise software. There are also many options available for you to try, such as SysAid, meaning you will be able to find exactly the right service for your business and your needs.

Which Is Better?

Ultimately, the question of whether cloud or on-premise ITSM is better can only be answered by your business. If you have an existing IT department, they will most likely appreciate the flexibility the on-premise ITSM can offer.

They will be able to shape it into a tool they can use intuitively to help keep your computer systems in top shape.

However, you do need to make sure that your network security is top of the line. The system can only be accessed from the office. Therefore, if there is an issue with the computers there will need to be a member of the IT staff present to fix them.

Due to this, a Cloud can be more of a popular option. Since the Cloud can be accessed from anywhere, the IT worker may be able to fix the issue from home; especially if the system allows for remote desktop access.

The Cloud is also a popular option for smaller businesses as they won’t have to worry about updating their systems; they just have access to the software as they need it.

If you are caught between the two, think carefully about what you need from the ITSM. More often thab not, a Cloud service is all your business will need.