New CSGO Patch Notes Bring Game Improvements

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Published on March 10th, 2020

You may be someone who is very passionate about CS: GO and uses the CS: GO scanner on every chance you get.

If that’s the case, then you must be happy whenever Valve makes improvements to the shooting game.

Thankfully, they did release some patch notes revealing some of the changes being made regarding the game, which are prone to make people fall in love with CS: GO even more.

Are you curious about what will be improved? Well, this article will tell you.

Studio Updates

One of the most appreciated updates is surely the Studio map one. Apparently, Valve decided it was time to make some updates to the map in the Steam Workshop.

The changes consist of the streets on the T and CT sides being made smaller, and the middle of the map being updated to not be as cluttered as it used to be.

Coupons Tab Changes

New CSGO Patch Notes Bring Game

Another amazing update is the one in the Coupons tab. If you go to the main menu of the game, you should see this tab in the bottom-left of it.

It was a little annoying to use this tab before because you had to pick from four capsules or stickers that were quite random. You had to use the Steam account money for them too.

After the update, though, this tab now has a search bar. This means that you will have no need to use the Steam Marketplace for it anymore, as you could simply search for the needed one in the tab.

Bug Fixes

The game used to have some annoying bugs before the update. For example, the ability to clip in locations across the map wasn’t the best. But now, it has been improved, and it should work better for all players.

In addition, there was also the problem with Operation Shattered Web, which was not always appearing on the main menu. It was fixed in the new update.

Add that to the fact that some people were able to throw certain items out of the map or into unintended areas. This ability is now gone.

Another problem was a UI bug when people were activating Bonus Rank XP items. Luckily, Valve fixed it in the new update.

Final Thoughts

It’s nice to see Valve caring about their players and making improvements in order to fix bugs and add new, interesting things into the game.

After this great update, you can go back to sites offering you the CS: GO best case to open and play like a pro.