Top 5 Customer Support Related Trends To Keep In View

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Published on September 7th, 2020

Customer service is evolving every day. New trends emerge with every day which work for some companies.

It is necessary to make sure customer service agents have their skills updated and are up with the latest tools and technology. With these. They can ensure customers have the best possible experience ever.

Customer experience is the most important thing in 2020, specially. All that a customer who is unhappy needs to do is search for alternatives. According to Gartner, 20 billion things will be connected to the internet by 2020.

Here are the top 5 customer support trends to keep in view

1. Move To Mobile

Smartphones are super powerful and according to outerboxdesign, the usage and characteristics are more than likely to improve.

Forrester Research’s Vice President Thomas Husson said that mobile operations transform the entire business.

So, the possibility of a customer support trend based on mobiles is not new. Customers who are facing an issue might just pick the phone and call an executive.

2. Social Media Matters

According to a study by ValueWalk, 63 percent of customers expect companies to offer support via social media, and 35% of customers prefer social media as a channel.

The numbers will definitely rise as companies are seeing a ‘wow’ factor while solving customer problems on social media. If a customer is dissatisfied, a tweet can destroy company reputation beyond boundaries.

3. Distributed Teams

Your customers can be anywhere in the world. Erase time zones with customer support teams distributed across the world. Establish a remote workforce and equip them with the best tools to answer customer queries.

Your teams need to be distributed across the world so that customers can access specific support. It is great to lower operational costs and also serve your customers.

4. Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence solutions are expected to increase by 143 percent among service organizations.

AI and machine learning will revolutionise how customer service works. It is based on quality data and if there is less data, the chances of it to work are less.

Creating a customer-centric compelling strategy is important to make sure you are ahead of the curve to capitalise on this customer support trend.

5. Use Automation

Awesome customer experiences can be got through automation. Automation can revolutionise how companies work.

Human errors can be reduced to allow for a great customer experience. Automation will gather data, improve tracking numbers, manage emails, reduce human errors and improve the quality of customer support.

Imagine using automation to push social media or NPS outreach to customers. It works amazingly to create a credible customer support agency.

Bottom Line: Be Ready For CX Changes

In all, the quality and nature of customer support is evolving. New trends need to be kept in mind and implemented to get the best rewards.

A robust customer success strategy starts with implementing customer support plans to improve retention, increase loyalty, and drive business, Accomplish your customer support goals through AI, ML, social media, automation, and through acting on customer feedback.