Why Are Data Erasure Certifications So Important

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Published on August 19th, 2020

Would you take a stranger’s word for the truth? Not really, unless they produce proof. The same case applies to data erasure. Before trusting any company to perform data erasure on your hard drive, you need to be sure that it is certified.

Data erasure certification is a crucial aspect that assures you of the security of your data. The certifications are like badges of honor and competency that show an organization’s reliability. Data erasure is the new trend of securing data from breaches and malicious use.

As a result, many companies have emerged to provide data erasure solutions. But not all these companies meet the set standards.

Some are unscrupulous and may not deliver on their promise.  Also, a chance exists that some companies could be out to mine data through malicious means. This article shows you why data erasure certifications are crucial. Read on.

Abiding By Set Standards

Various governments throughout the globe determine the method to use when erasing data. The government agencies set the standard by which data erasing companies must comply.

The data erosion standards, sometimes referred to as data algorithm, determine the process and procedure of data sanitization.

Although a company may follow all the set standards within a given jurisdiction, chances are that it may lack proper certification. In other instances, companies fail to abide by the set rules because they don’t have the certification to perform the task.

Data erasure certifications prove that a company observes the erasure logarithms in a given jurisdiction.

Thus, the certifications prove that engaging the company is a safe and worthwhile endeavor. Companies such as Blancco have various certificates that prove its observance of all erasure logarithms.

Global Certifications

As mentioned earlier, every jurisdiction has its erasure algorithm. Therefore, for an organization to provide data erasure solutions, it should observe the set standards. Earning certification from different global companies proves an organization’s competency.

Also, having various global certificates demonstrate an organization’s dedication to providing excellent services to people in different parts of the world.

Some notable global data erasure certificates include;


The NYCE certificate proves an organization observes the standards set in Mexico. The certification proves an organization’s competency applying Mexican data erasure standards to satisfy its clients in the region.

Netherlands National Communication Security Agency

The organization provides certification for companies to sanitize HDDs SSDs. The certificate comes from the Dutch National SignalsSecurity Bureau. This organization branches from the Security Service of the Netherlands.

Central Information Systems Security Division

In France, the department responsible for erasure certification is the Central Information Systems Security Division. The organization issues certificates under the under the French General Secretary for National defense. The organization determines the companies to award a data erasure certificate in France.

Third-Party Validation

Erasure certificates allow third parties to review the extent of an organization’s abidance with data erasure procedures. Third-party participation is crucial because they are not partisan to the standardization and certification bodies.

Instead, they are independent and only review if an organization’s erasure procedures follow protocol Thus when you find that an organization has third party validation, yet it lacks erasure certification, runs.

However, an organization can have certifications yet require third party validation. In such a situation, feel free to engage the company. However, you should proceed with caution. Ideally, find an organization that has both third-party validation and certification.

Certification is important because it helps a company to gain third party validation. The third-party validation proves that people, other than organizations that provide certification services, find and approve the erasure process.

Proof Of Competency

You only want to engage competent people in your business. When you are handling important and sensitive information, it’s best to work with the most competent person. Competency in work not only shows’ one’s skills but also proves their reliability.

When the time comes for you to choose a data erasure company, opt for one that exhibits high levels of competency in data destruction.

Competence in workmanship is not only evident in a company’s staff, but also in the certificates it has. Thus, a data erasure solutions company that has many certificates is competent. The certifications are proof of its competence.

Important Consideration

Review all the certifications that a company provides to nurse that it observes the erasure algorithm of your jurisdiction. Ideally, opt for a company that has different global certifications. Also, check the validity of the certification.


Don’t be fooled by a company that tries to convince you to take its data erasure services without showing certifications. Instead, insist on reviewing the certificates that a company has. The certificates prove the global competence of a company.

Also, they show that third parties review its practices. Companies with efficient data security solutions have multiple erasure certificates. Thus, ensure that the company you settle for has certifications that appraise its services.