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Discover New Cisco CCNA Certification Through Old CCNA R&S And 200-125 Exam

Cisco CCNA Certification

May 22nd, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Cisco is a global leader when it comes to networking technologies and solutions. The company offers its solutions to many businesses, including government agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations.

However, many people don’t know that Cisco also offers a lot of professional-level certifications that help IT experts from around the world improve their expertise.

As a specialist, you must ensure that you continue to better your skills and keep up with modern technology.

There are many ways that you can follow to develop a new skill set, but one of the best in obtaining an IT certificate.

If you go to the Cisco website, you will see that the company provides many sought-after credentials.

Due to the ever-changing world, the IT industry is also evolving, and the certification providers are improving their programs. The same goes for Cisco.

On February 24, 2020, it has suggested a new way of certifying all the interested candidates and combined a series of its credentials into a few ones.

Thus, now there is only one Pass the new CCNA 200-301 Exam CCNA certificate, and most of the certs of the CCNP track are merged into CCNP Enterprise.

In this post, we will talk about one of the retired certifications (CCNA Routing and Switching) and its exam (200-125 CCNA) as they are reflected in the new 200-301 test and its associated credential.

Cisco 200-125 – Valuable Exam For New CCNA Certification

The Cisco 200-125 exam was one of the options to take in order to get the CCNA R&S certificate.

The second variant was to pass both 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2. 200-125 CCNA consisted of around 60 to 70 questions that the applicants had to answer within 90 minutes.

You could take this test in either English or Japanese, and this is still a common situation for all other Cisco exams. There were various topics that were covered by the 200-125 certification test. They included the following areas:

  • WAN Technologies;
  • Infrastructure Security;
  • LAN Switching Technologies;
  • Infrastructure Management;
  • Infrastructure Services;
  • Routing Technologies;
  • Network Fundamentals.

Passing any Cisco exam can be difficult for some people and that is why they will need all the help they can get.

Just like for any other test of this vendor, you had to put all your efforts to pass Exam-Labs Cisco CCNA Certification Practice Test Dumps Questions – 200-301 . What study tips can help you prepare for the new certification exam?

The first thing that you need to do is get hands-on experience. The Cisco exams focus on both practical and theoretical knowledge, which means that you will have to be able to use it in real-world scenarios.

The next tip that every applicant should follow is to find the proper study materials.

You can use official books and training courses, but it is recommended that you watch video tutorials and take practice tests as well.

Practice questions will make a huge difference to your final result as they give some valuable insight that you can use to study harder.

During the last few weeks of your preparation, you should try your best and revise as much as possible. Lastly, you should make sure that you don’t study anything on the day of your exam.

If you do so, there is a big chance that you might end up forgetting the things that you learned before.

Why Do You Need Cisco CCNA Certification?

There are many companies out there that are looking for certified professionals who know about Cisco technologies.

Obtaining a certificate of this vendor basically means that you have the knowledge and skills required to solve any networking problem that is brought to you.

However, there are still people who ask why they should even go for the Cisco credentials. No matter which certification you pursue, it is always important to know its benefits, because not every credential will bring the same kind of merits.

One of the biggest advantages that the Cisco certificates bring is to allow the candidates to stand out from the crowd.

The IT job market is already very competitive, so you should try to get all the benefits it offers. Most employers prefer to hire multi-skilled specialists because this allows them to have one person to perform multiple tasks.

As an IT expert, you should understand the necessity of having the urge to keep on learning. Technologies are constantly changing in the IT world, and it is important for individuals to develop along with them.

Obtaining any Cisco certificate also means that you can get a better salary. There is some clear evidence that suggests that the certified professionals earn more money as compared to non-certified individuals.


The Cisco certificates are ideal for IT professionals who are trying to build a career in networking. The modern world is dependent on the Internet that is why getting a credential of this vendor is a great investment for the future.