Stop The Misuse Of Your Chauffeur-Driven Car With A GPS Tracker


Published on June 14th, 2019

Hiring a chauffeur helps us ease our driving troubles and makes us have an undisrupted and comfortable ride from one destination to another. It also reduces our parking and car security issues. As a result, you don’t have to constantly fear your vehicle being towed or fined because of parking scarcity in the city. A chauffeur is God sent and solves our vehicle worries in more ways than one.

However, as there are perks of hiring a chauffeur, there are also various setbacks. While you are at work or visiting your salon, your chauffeur could be misusing your car behind your back. No one would want the car they bought with their hard-earned money being misused by their employee that too behind their back. This poses a threat to your vehicle and the exploitation of energy in terms of fuel.

Because of circumstances like these, it becomes essential to buy GPS tracker for your car. Even with a GPS device, there are ways that the chauffeur could be taking advantage of your vehicle behind your back.

1. Rash Driving

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There has been an alarming rate of road rage on the Indian roads; these reckless drivers put not only the driver but also the other passengers around them in danger. One of these reckless drivers could be your chauffeur, that too with your car. In your absence, your chauffeur could be driving your car dangerously to get to the desired destination even when you have a GPS device installed.

2. Misusing Resources

The summer is at its peak, and we have often seen chauffeurs sleeping with windows rolled up and air conditioning on full blast. As the vehicle is stationary, it leads to useless fuel consumption and damages it internally. There is no telling if your car is being misused or not and it becomes challenging to keep checking on the chauffeur while you are occupied with other things.

3. Handing Your Car Over

While you’re away from your car, do you know what happens to your vehicle? Since you can’t always be vigilant about your car while you’re at work, your vehicle could be in wrong hands. There are often instances where the chauffeur hands over the car to someone else to get their personal work done.

The GPS tracker could easily be turned off and fool you into believing that the vehicle is still in the parking lot. The chauffeur could also be inviting other people inside your car to kill time while you are between meetings.

4. Earn Extra Money


Who doesn’t like a few extra bucks? You might have seen personal cars picking up commuters; this could be your car as well. You never know when your chauffeur might take your car out for a spin to earn extra money by misusing your resources.

This is again taking unfair advantage of your vehicle for their selfish purpose, without you ever even finding out about it! This could again be done by turning the GPS device off behind your back.

5. Putting Your Loved Ones In Danger

You wouldn’t ever want anything happening to your little kids even in the wildest of your dreams. It’s your obligation to stay at work while your children need to be picked up.

Hence, you ask your chauffeur to do it. Kids are innocent and can easily be deceived. They could be driven around rashly, or some other passenger could be picked and dropped while they are in the car. This puts your kid’s safety in grave danger.

Here’s What You Can Do

You’d think that hiring a chauffeur would ease your worries; however, this doesn’t happen. With a chauffeur, your concerns grow, and you’re always at the edge of your seat. Ensuring your car’s and your loved one’s safety becomes essential when it comes to having a chauffeur.

Even if you buy GPS tracker, all these issues are not tackled as the technology isn’t advanced enough. Step up your game and ensure your car’s best condition by installing devices like KENT CamEye in your vehicle.

You can deal with your chauffeur worries with this device as it has live video streaming, face recognition cameras, AC switch on alert, engine ideal alert, over speeding warning and so much more.

This one device serves the purpose of many devices. It is easy to install and can be ordered from Amazon to your doorsteps in no time! So, buy GPS tracker like KENT CamEye to keep your loved ones protected.