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Published on January 21st, 2022

E-commerce is one of the most popular business areas on the Internet. Many electronic stores compete in the market. Some e-shops offer more favorable terms of purchase, delivery, possible returns and other services.

Most buyers are usually satisfied with the services, especially when they buy from a trusted e-shop. However, there are occasional mistakes that lead to dissatisfied customers.

Sometimes buyers are dissatisfied with the product itself, sometimes with delivery or some unfulfilled obligations from the stores. Customer support usually tries to resolve such issues and find solutions for such situations.

But it is not always possible to please the client. In such cases, will help buyers. On Claimbo’s online review and complaint service, buyers can always at least simply speak up and share their experiences with other buyers.

In some cases, claimbo helps buyers solve the problem. Sometimes e-shop representatives can contact the client, and sometimes other buyers can help with useful advice or just moral support.

Of course, there are conscientious online stores that offer quality service and support and try to realize their mission in the most qualified way. But also, there are outright spam shops that simply take orders, take money and simply do not send the goods.

Such stores should be reported as quickly as possible to prevent deception of other customers. Complaining on Claimbo will help identify such e-shops and identify fraudulent schemes.

Also, the Claimbo web-service is accordingly useful for conscientious sellers – sometimes non-obvious problems are revealed in honest customer reviews.

Additional interaction with customers can help optimize the service and achieve better performance in the online sales service.

Sellers can contact buyers directly on the review page, and directly if the buyer has provided specific order details or their contacts.

There are already several hundred e-shops on covering areas such as clothing / fashion, shoes and bags, accessories, household appliances, audio and video, mobile phones, furniture, car parts, cosmetics and body care, children’s clothing and toys, goods for sports, tourism or recreation, goods for the garden and home, as well as food products.

In all these categories, there are many manufacturers, sellers, intermediaries, delivery services and customer services. If the buyer liked the service, the store deserves to receive a laudatory review and a high rating.

If the seller doesn’t try too hard to keep their level of service up to par, they may get negative feedback or even a complaint. However, sometimes it helps to identify a systemic problem at the initial stage and solve it without waiting for large errors.

Using the Claimbo service buyers can solve their problems and sellers can increase their competitiveness by responding to honest reviews from customers.

Perhaps at the moment the Claimbo options are not as perfect as everything else in this world, but the service is constantly developing and adding new useful functionality.

The Claimbo team is also trying to identify its possible mistakes and find the best solutions for them. So, if Claimbo customers have any wishes, advice or even complaints – welcome, the Claimbo team will try to take everything into account and make the service more convenient and useful.