5 Reasons Why Enrolling In IB Schools Is A Good Choice

Enrolling In IB Schools

September 25th, 2019   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

More and more parents are choosing IB schools for their kids in India these days as it has a host of benefits to offer. One of the primary benefits that not many people know of is that IB diploma certificate that students get in this board is recognized worldwide.

An excellent educational board can play a significant role in how your child’s overall academic development occurs in the coming years.

While other boards in India are highly reputed and have their own sets of advantages, what differentiates IB board is that it provides students with the exposure they need in today’s competitive world.

Noted to be a bit more challenging than the other boards, the IB board can undoubtedly help your child develop an excellent academic base.

It is highly preferred by parents who wish to send their child abroad in future for higher studies. Here are the few reasons why enrolling your kid in an IB school is a good idea :

1. International Exposure And Approach

International Exposure and Approach

One of the key benefits of IB schools is its global aspect. The reputed universities from across the globe recognize the academic courses and programs followed at IB schools and thus, can evaluate the students quickly.

It is difficult for the international universities to fairly judge the capabilities of students through the results of local and regional boards of other countries.

It becomes one of the hurdles during admission abroad. Students from IB board get an added advantage in this case and may even be preferred over students from other unrecognized boards.

2. Stand Out

Stand Out

The curriculum of the IB board is comprehensive and holistic in nature, and the classrooms are not stuffed with students. The students to teacher ratios are much more balanced than in schools of other boards to ensure that every student is well attended to.

The IB board aims to prepare its students not only academically but in other fields as well including sports, computers, social science, environmental care, and more. Such holistic approach helps the IB students stand out in front of its counterparts.

3. Personality Development

Personality Development

The IB schools aim to not only infuse academic knowledge in children but make them a good human being as well. There is a personal touch in the education offered at IB schools to create students who are aware of today’s social and cultural dynamics and can contribute to society meaningfully.

It is this integration of values and principles at the very young age that helps the students of IB board to carry on these virtues well after they have completed their education.

At IB board, the impetus is not only the textbook knowledge but on a range of other extra-curricular activities. The specific interests and skills of individual students are encouraged and given the right direction at IB schools instead of just producing students with the same skill sets.

Such form of personality development doesn’t suppress the inner voice of students and help them flourish as a student and an individual. It helps in boosting the confidence that remains high through thick and thins of life.

4. Social Element

Social Element

At IB schools in India, don’t be surprised to see foreigners studying in the schools. Many foreigners working in India enroll their kids in IB board schools to ensure they can adapt to the curriculum with ease when they move back to their home country.

It is this multi-cultural and multi-national environment at IB schools that helps the students get that much-needed exposure to various cultures from a young age.

Thus, when your child goes to study abroad or go abroad for a vacation, there is a human and social element well-knitted in the behavior to respect, understand, and learn from other cultures.

5. University Preparation

University Preparation

The students at IB schools are prepared for the university well in advance through their futuristic syllabus. It helps the students to get through the hurdles with ease after getting admission in universities, which students from other boards find challenging.

For example, when the university students are asked to write a research paper, the IB students are well-versed with how to do that and can take care of research and citations on their own. However, the students from other boards may struggle to complete it initially without external help.

If you wish to prepare your child for tomorrow, make the right choice today and enroll your child in an International Baccalaureate School. Make sure the IB school you choose is certified and licensed and has a good reputation.