How To Find And Hire A Legitimate Professional Writer For Your Project

Freelance Writers

September 19th, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

You can find a freelancer to write everything from a term paper and a blog post to an article for an e-commerce site. Freelancers are not merely a tool for the lazy. Everyone demands high-quality content these days, not just your college or your newspaper but the internet as well, and they do not care how you get it.

If you have neither the skill nor the time required to produce your own high-quality content in a timely manner, you need to hire a freelance writer. But hiring a professional writer is easier said than done.

Where To Find Freelance Writers

In order to hire a professional freelance writer, you need to first locate one. Fortunately, you have quite a few sources at your disposal, namely:

1. Job Boards

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There are special platforms on the internet that operate like the classified section in your newspaper. Such platforms enable you to advertise writing jobs that other people can apply for. Pro Blogger is pretty popular these days. is also thriving. Though, most people are probably more comfortable with Craigslist.

When it comes to writing ads for job boards, you are encouraged to be as specific as possible with regard to the exact type of writer you want.

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2. Recommendations

If you want to find great writers, talk to other people that have used writers in the past whose services they found satisfactory.

They will point you in the direction of those same writers who, in turn, can point you in the direction of other great writers. A great site for this is, you can find real feedback from clients there and pick the best writer for you.

Make sure you can trust the preferences of the person whose recommendation you have sought.

3. Social Media

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Everyone is on social media these days, including writers that are in desperate need of work. If job boards are not providing you with the candidates you desire, use social media platforms to expand your reach.

4. Freelance Websites

There are thousands of websites on the internet with massive pools of writers who would love nothing better than to write for you.

Visit the most prominent among these sites, the likes of Upwork and WriterAccess, and browse through their database of writers. Someone in their collection is bound to pique your interest.

How To Hire Professional Writers For Your Project?

It isn’t enough to find freelance writers. You must also sift through them to identify the best possible candidate for your project. Keep these tips in mind:

1. You Need To Keep Your Options Open

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Use as many platforms as you can find to look for writers. Try to generate as extensive a list as possible before finally attempting to whittle your options down to a select few candidates.

2. Do Not Rely On Interviews

The easiest way to determine whether a candidate is appropriate for your project is to look at either their samples or their published work. Resumes won’t help you here.

You need to tangibly measure the capabilities of your potential writer by looking at the work they have actually done. This will help you decide whether or not the writer in question is right for you.

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3. While Your Candidate’s Samples

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Are more important than anything they have to say in an interview, once you narrow your options down to a few writers, you are still encouraged to talk to them.

Ask them about the type of content they enjoy creating, how many hours they spend working, the volume of work they are willing to do, how much of SEO they actually grasp, etc.

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to find a freelancer that can write. Sometimes, you need to find a freelancer whose attitudes about content creation fit the needs of your project.

4. Once You Settle On A Writer

Take a moment to choose a communication avenue that works for both of you. Once that is done, you need to introduce the writer to your project.

If it is an essay, tell them about the subject. If it is a company, tell them its origins and the products it offers. The more familiar they are with the project, the better the work they will produce.

Make sure that you give your writer all the information he or she requires to understand your needs.