Fortnite Adds “Addiction” Health Warning For Mobile Gamers

Health Warning For Mobile Gamers

Published on April 26th, 2020

Fortnite is one of the most popular games nowadays, with millions of people enjoying it all over the world.

Just as its popularity continues to rise, the number of people who pick it up and spend long hours playing is also growing.

Epic Games decided that it is time to make it official and were players about the potential risks of gaming addiction.

For the time being, this only happens on Chinese servers, but there’s a good chance for the wording to be extended for the worldwide audience.

Why Does Epic Games Warn Only Chinese Players?

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Fortnite is a popular game all over the world, with players from most countries enjoying it over the Internet.

It’s a bit surprising that the company behind it found it worthwhile to only warn Chinese players about the risks of gaming addiction.

The reason behind this decision is that companies must comply with local regulations which are stricter than in most countries.

Other game developers were compelled to make significant changes to their products to comply with these rules.

Fortnite is indeed a highly addictive game and it has the merit of getting players fully immersed into the gaming environment.

Those who play it get the feeling that time passes quickly and sometimes they need a warning about the time that has passed since they began the gaming session.

Epic only added the warning to Chinese players starting in patch 12.10 to inform them about the fact that they are spending a lot of time online.

Players can decide for themselves to end the session or continue playing, but at least they know that they should consider a break.

The good news is that the warning doesn’t pop up until the game has ended, so it won’t interfere with their gaming experience.

Online Casinos Also Award Their Members


While it is not customary for a videogame developer to introduce such warnings, the best new casino sites have a long tradition in highlighting the risks of addiction.

They are responsible for protecting their players and do so by providing them with multiple tools to limit the dangers of excessive gaming.

These are usually imposed by local regulators, but they ultimately benefit the casinos by maintaining a healthy pool of players.

The well-being of the community reverberates positively, as those who play casino games can enjoy their favorite pastime without suffering the damaging effects of gambling addiction.

At online casinos, players can limit the time spent online, as well as the sums they deposit and adjust the betting limits.

There are also questionnaires that inform players about the risks of gambling addiction and highlight the vulnerabilities, so players can protect themselves.

Self exclusion tools are also reliable instruments for those who want to take a break, but they are usually solutions of last resort.

Those who choose to exercise this option will also be shielded from gaming advertisements, so they will be less likely to give into temptation.