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7 Ways To Stay Healthy While Travelling

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Published on May 22nd, 2020

Travelling can take a toll on you, especially if it involves long hours. You are bound to meet unprecedented experiences that may pile pressure, thus contributing to stress or sudden change of routine.

The amalgamation of such factors may affect your health negatively. It is wise to learn some of the best self-care routines to help you maintain optimum health while travelling.

Below are some valuable tips to help you stay healthy while travelling.

1. Eat Healthily

Why Eating Healthy

As much as you need to exercise and have fun, you need to foster a healthy eating habit. The discipline should help you maintain a healthy eating practice while and travelling.

It is a good idea to try and cook healthy meals instead of eating outside all the time. It can help you save a lot of money while visiting foreign countries.

Remember, you can’t survive on eating carbs and meat daily; fruits and veggies are also essential.

You will achieve a well sizable balanced diet even in foreign lands, a move that will help boost your health.

2. Stay Hydrated

Hydrating is yet another healthy travelling practice, especially when flying. Get accustomed to carrying a bottle of water or request the hotel management to provide extra bottled water.

Engaging in fun activities and constant exposure to the scorching sun will cause dehydration or sunstroke.

Be cautious where you get your water and avoid non-bottled water in unfamiliar territories. Always go for certified bottled water to avoid exacerbating the situation.

3. Visit A Medical Clinic Before Travelling

Medical Check-Ups

It would help if you also visited your doctor to learn and get some vaccines and shots that will help you maintain a healthy travel lifestyle.

Your doctor will administer proper prescriptions and injections that will be handy in case of an emergency.

Ensure that you visit your doctor prior to your trip since there some vaccines that require multiple doses. Make a point of getting antibiotics, malaria medication, and medicated creams.

4. Update Your Travel Insurance Policy

Update your travel insurance policy and carry important details regarding the policy. In case of a medical emergency, it will be easier for you to inform the insurer.

Additionally, scan and send the policy certificate to your email. Remember that the policy covers you in case of any eventuality, including a health emergency, theft, and delayed flights, among others, click for more info.

5. Get Plenty Of Sleep

Get A Better Night's Sleep_2

You are prone to get exhausted because of the demanding travel schedule. You might develop health issues if you deprive your body of getting adequate and quality sleep.

Your immunity drops if you fail to get enough sleep, thus making your body prone to getting further infections. Sleep plays a huge role in boosting and maintaining the ideal mental health.

6. Exercise.

Exercising is one of the most effective conventional ways of maintaining and achieving a healthy lifestyle. Carry your dumbbells and exercise when you reach your destination.

It will help your body adjust quicker and eliminate the odds of contracting infections. You could also take just a simple 20-30 minute walk.

Remember to have fun and don’t stress on finding a place to work out; take advantage of the nature around you.

7. Pack A First Aid Kit


You never know how your body will react when you shift living conditions and the environment.

It is wise always to carry a travel-size bag and first aid kit with assortments of general medications, disposable sterile gloves, bandages, plasters, antibacterial wipes, sterile gauze dressings, anti-histamines, tweezers among others. You may develop stomach upsets, headaches, and the health bag will be a lifesaver.

Combining the above-mentioned travel tips will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You deserve to enjoy your vacation or trip by fostering healthy practices. It only requires a little creativity and planning to achieve the feat of a healthy traveller.